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My daughter wants a car- Nameless



By Judith Gicobi

Singer Nameless has disclosed that his daughter Tumiso wants a car for her birthday.

Nameless advised his daughter not to feel pressured by what she sees on social media in a post on his social media accounts.

The singer informed his daughter that her only purchase option was a pair of sneakers.  Tumiso is turning 16.

Nameless continued by reminding the daughter that because there is another baby on the way, he is now operating on a limited budget.

“Sweet Sixteen. Birthday gal ! 💯💯♥️♥️ Ati I buy her a car 😳😳…. Kwani ni diapers nitanunua ama ni gari 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ a man can only do so much … Labda nimbuyie sneakers😁😁👍🏾.. wacheni presha za shosho media, Alaaaaar!!”

In addition, Nameless requested assistance from his followers in deciding what to buy his daughter when he returns from his summertime US tour.

“Aunties na Uncles , any advice on what I should get her from America? #SheHasApppreciatedYourBirth.”

Nameless had some beautiful words to say about his firstborn in his birthday message.

“My firstborn, my mental twin! My princess, my pride and Joy!! You turning 16 today and I just can’t keep calm. ” he started.

He continued by saying that Tumiso had aided in his evolution and given him a unique understanding of purpose.

“I am happy and blessed to witness the lady you’re turning out to be… A wise, compassionate and independent spirit! I am excited for your future self! You are a blessed soul.”

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