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My husband came home from US and eloped with my cousin, Nairobi woman narrates



My husband, Edwin Torotich, and I had a successful life. I had a well-paying job in Nairobi and resided in Umoja while my better half worked abroad in the United States of America.

My Husband Came Home from The US and Eloped with My Cousin, Nairobi Woman Narrates

I recall well that when he visited us on December 17, 2017, we were all delighted on his arrival.

My children and I lived with my cousin, whom I had picked from the village to help us with the house chores as I paid her school fees considering we were related.

My cousin, however, became jealous when she saw me happily married and found a way to separate us by employing evil tricks.

Soon, we started quarrelling with my husband day in, day out, and he became cold.

He started confiding in my cousin, and the duo then became lovebirds.

When I felt that our relationship had deteriorated, I decided to seek help from our parents, who prayed for us.

We thereafter decided to let go of my cousin, but she sought the help of a witch doctor and made me run mad.

When I became insane, I lost my job in the process, and my husband asked my cousin to return to the house and made her his wife.

She took all the money my husband had saved and brought home and eloped with him.

On the other hand, my children suffered and were rescued by my brothers, who took care of them as they tried to help me resume my normal life.

Despite being prayed for and visiting various hospitals, my situation did not improve and to add salt to the injury, my husband wanted nothing to do with me and seemed out of his mind.

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My mother travelled all over Kenya and Tanzania, trying to find a solution for me, but all was in vain.

My luck, nevertheless, came when someone well known to my sister connected me to a prominent herbal doctor, Dr Kishimba.

My Husband Came Home from The US and Eloped with My Cousin, Nairobi Woman Narrates

My family members who live in Westlands phoned Dr Kishimba, who was in Kisumu city.

At the time, I had been rendered a beggar in the streets, and I had no idea what was happening to me.

After calling him, Dr Kishimba asked them to forward my name to him and surprisingly, he directed them to the exact location where I was.

I was in ragged clothes and very dirty and was making all kinds of noise in the marketplace.

I was shocked, however, when I saw my mother and sister in my father’s car.

They asked me to get into the car, and we travelled all the way to Kisumu, where we arrived at 11 pm. At Dr Kishimba’s office, I regained my sanity, and I was like in a new world.

Dr Kishimba revealed that my cousin was responsible for the mess I was in and gave me some herbal medicine to use with my husband.

After treating me, my husband called my mother, and they talked calmly.

We have since resumed our happy marriage life, and I got my job back. My husband also returned to the US and secured a job in another company.

If you are experiencing related problems, you can reach Dr Kishimba on +254 714 995 588 or WhatsApp at +254 704 889 452.

My cousin, meanwhile, became insane and lost her job after someone at her workplace bewitched her.

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