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My mzungu ex-boyfriend almost threw me off 5th floor to die- Actress Lydia Gitachu



By Wanja Waweru

Renowned actress Lydia Gitachu has revealed on how she had an abusive partner.

She was dating two white males during these relationships. Her most recent relationship was the worst experience.

The actress claimed that she endured the assault until her now-ex-boyfriend attempted to hurl her off a building’s fifth floor.

Sharing her experience during an interview on You tube show Metha Ya Kagoni, she narrated

“I never thought I would get married to a white guy. But so far, I have dated 3 white men. I met my second white boyfriend during an event. He had come to the event with my friends. He was a recovering alcoholic but I did not know it at the time.”

What did he do for work?

“He was in the construction industry and would build for Missionaries. At the time I had a car, I remember there is a day he drove so badly I thought we would end up involved in an accident. Before this, we had attended a friend’s wedding and he wasn’t so happy about it.”

Lydia says the anger she saw from her second boyfriend made her live him.

“We live in South C at the time. As we were nearing Muthaiga Police Station I asked him to drop me there so that I would take a taxi. He thought I wanted to get him arrested so he sped off. I nearly fell off the car, it’s only that I had held the door strongly. After that I decided to leave him, I did not want to die.”

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