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‘My wedding with Anerlisa was attended by less than 10 people,’ Ben Pol



Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has revealed that he walked down the aisle with the love of his life Anerlisa Muigai last year when Covid-19 hit.

Their wedding was lowkey until photos surfaced online and in an interview with Clouds FM, the Moyo Mashine hitmaker revealed that it was attended by very few people.

Nilifunga ndoa kipindi cha Corona, ndio maana ilikuwa kimya kimya ilikuwa ya watu wachache tu, hawakuzidi watu 10 Kanisani.

[We tied the knot during the Corona period that’s why it was lowkey. Our church wedding was attended by less than 10 people].

A few months later, Ben Po converted to Islam, leaving many in shock. Speaking during the interview, about changing religions, he said,

‘Hakuna kiki iliyotengenezwa wala maigizo, yote mliyoyaona ni ya kweli, iwe ni makosa au sio makosa, walichokiona watu wabaki kukitafsiri vile walivyokitafsiri, kuonyesha upande wangu kwenye dini sio kitu ambacho najivunia.’
By Mpasho

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