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‘Nabii’ Kenyans coin new name for President William Ruto



By Judith Gicobi

Following his inauguration, President William Ruto has remained absent.

He clearly wants to deliver by making frequent visits.

The moniker “Nabii,” which is Kenyan for “prophet,” was created for this reason, because he is overly religious.

A Nabii must deliver the “message,” hence under normal circumstances he is constantly on the move.

Samia Suluhu, the president of Tanzania, was his most recent host. The two chiefs of state reaffirmed their commitment to improving ties in a number of areas, including commerce, tourism, security, and communication.

There is nothing that escapes attention.

This follows the Tanzanian president’s statement of the country’s already-existing business ties with the late president Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Kuna mradi wa bomba la kusafirisha gesi asilia kutoka Dar es salaam hadi Mombasa ,mradi ambao tulishasaini makubaliano pamoja na Rais Uhuru (mstaafu)lakini Rais Ruto ameubeba kuwa ndio mradi wake wa kwanza atakaoanza na Tanzania.” Noted suluhu

The stated data kept Kenyans online busy and witter users are renowned for having no mercy.

Since many individuals claimed months ago that “Uhuru maliza uende,” a lot of assumptions have been made online.

Suluhus’ remark gave Kenyan citizens proof that the fourth president was operating covertly.

What will Kenyans do next?

There is a lot of anticipation online, and residents appear to be more alarmed because the President hasn’t settled yet 30 days after taking office.


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