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Nairobi man who allegedly ‘moved out’ with lover’s household items charged for burglary



By Wanja Waweru

A Somali national was charged with burglary in violation of section 304 (2) of the penal code after reportedly breaking into the home of his ex-lover and taking various household items valued Sh657,500.

On January 30, Mohamed Ali Abdulahi alias Masla was charged with breaking into Zuhura Faud Mohammed’s home in Nairobi’s Pangani Estate with the intention of stealing.

He was additionally charged with handling stolen property after being discovered in possession of Sh79, 000—suspected to be criminal proceeds—and the things taken from Ms. Mohammed’s home at the time of his detention.

Before she left to visit her aunt, Ms. Mohammed properly closed her home, but when she came back, she discovered that the burglars had broken in and taken the items.

Before Senior Resident Magistrate Eric Mutunga of the Makadara Law Courts, he refuted the accusations and asked for moderate bail and bond conditions through his attorney.The complainant’s belongings were all found by the police, according to the lawyer, who claimed that the incident was the consequence of a dispute between lovers. However, according to the prosecution, an offense was still committed.

Due to the suspect’s unclear nationality, the police requested that the judge deny the suspect’s request for bond.

After the event, the accused began threatening communications to the complainant, according to Corporal Hussein Hassan of Pangani police station

Cpl. Hassan stated in an affidavit submitted to the court that the suspect obtained a Kenyan national identity card in 2020 under suspicious circumstances, and that the matter is currently under investigation.

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The police officer said in court that the suspect and his parents entered the country as refugees in 2001. In 2014, he was ultimately deported to Somalia and arrived in Nairobi.

“The suspect’s nationality is questionable and how he acquired his national identity card in the year 2020 since both of his parents are US citizens. In the course of investigation, I have established that the accused is not a Kenyan citizen,” Cpl. Hassan stated in his affidavit.

Mr. Mutunga remanded Mr. Abdulahi in custody where he will remain until February 13 when he will  make a ruling on the accused person’s application for bond and bail.

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