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Natembeya scraps allowances for county workers



By Wanja Waweru

George Natembeya, the governor of Trans Nzoia, has declared that top officials will not be permitted to spend money without first receiving permission from the County Executive Committees in each of their respective counties (CECs).

The outspoken governor complained that county employees were receiving generous allowances, which was lowering the amount designated for the development kitty, after the new CECs were sworn in on Friday.

He said: “We must reduce expenditure by half, kuenda safari ma per diem hizo vitu zote lazima zirudi chini, pesa ingine yote iende kwa development, even if it mean that s you don’t leave trans nzoia mkae tu hapa mfanye kazi hapa trans Nzoia so be it.”

He added that the county government will no longer pay county workers allowances since it was useless to do so when they were paid to perform the same task.

“Unalipwa pesa kufanya kazi umeajiriwa kufanya, unalipwa mara ngapi? kuna ile inakuja mwisho wa mwezi, kuna ile inakuja kati kati, yote ni pesa sindio? Tuite allowance tuite mshahara still is money, so hizi vitu yote ya allowance ya kipuzi upuzi acha ttuondoe tungojee mshahara huko mbele,” he added.

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