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Newlyweds, guests forced to spend wedding night in football stadium for violating Covid-19



Most newly married couples always look forward to their first night together as husband and wife to consummate their relationship or celebrate their new marital status.

The newlyweds spent the night in a stadium for violating COVID-19 protocols. Photo: BBC. Source: UGC However, for a Rwandanese couple, they will have to live with the awful memory of their wedding night as they were forced to sleep out in the cold as punishment for violating COVID-19 protocols.

Guests Complain Instead of being taken to a police station, the law enforcers drove all the attendees to a football stadium and made them spend the entire night in there as punishment.

The bride said the experience was humiliating and soiled what was supposed to be the most memorable day of her life.

“The pain and humiliation that I have gone through are unexplainable. You cannot make people follow COVID-19 rules by subjecting them to pain,” she said. However, Rwandan National Police Spokesperson CP John Bosco was unapologetic about the incident and said more stern actions will be taken for COVID-19 protocol violators.

By Tuko

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