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Nine-year-old boy killed by pack of hyenas in Juja village



A gang of hyenas killed a nine-year-old kid by mauling him, shocking the residents of Nyacaba hamlet in Juja, Kiambu County.

The event occurred on Saturday evening when the boy—who is reported to have been with five other people—was leaving church.

Residents claim that when a troop of hyenas approached the boys, they fled for their life, only for one of them to fall and be murdered by the untamed creatures.

The boy is a sixth-grader and the son of Peter Ngugi, the Witeithie Ward’s first MCA.

Locals Eliud Waboro and Peter Kinyanjui claim that the youngster was attacked as his pals ran away.

The parents hurried to the scene only after learning the awful truth and screaming for assistance.

“Around 7pm screams were heard. I gathered that the boys were returning home from church where they were undergoing brigade training classes. On their way home, a pack of hyenas attacked them only for one of them to fall,” narrated Kinyanjui.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) was criticized by the locals for not doing enough to keep wildlife away from their homes. They demanded immediate action to stop disasters like this one from happening again.

They also charged landowners of vast tracts of undeveloped property that they said served as a sanctuary for untamed animals.

“These parcels of land that have remained undeveloped for years. They should either be farmed or sold to developers to facilitate development. This way, hyenas will go back to the forest,” Waboro said.

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Kenya News

Tragic explosion in Mexico leaves Kenyan man in a coma



A Kenyan man residing in Mexico is currently fighting for his life following a devastating explosion.

The precise whereabouts and origin of the blast are presently undisclosed, along with any knowledge of additional casualties.

It has been reported that the man, identified as Francis Kamau Chege from Kiambu County, Kenya, is currently in an induced coma. Regrettably, he was left unattended at the medical facility for several days, as his relatives were unaware of the incident until they unexpectedly came across pleas for aid on social media.

Chege’s girlfriend, who initially shared the details on the internet, had sought assistance to notify his parents and other kin.

Chege’s family from Githunguri, Kiambu County has expressed their deep appreciation to the online community for spreading the important news.

They are relieved that his severe burn injuries have promptly been brought to their attention. Meanwhile, they have reached out to his girlfriend and the relevant authorities as efforts are being made to contact officials in Washington for urgent assistance.

Mexico does not have a Kenyan embassy and instead depends on the embassy located in the capital of the United States. The family is thankful for the swift dissemination of this vital information. Activist Simon Mwangi draws attention to a series of explosions that have taken place in Mexico recently.

These explosions have been triggered by gas-related incidents and natural disasters caused by volcanic activity.

“Thank you for speedy sharing, the father and brother have reached out. We have notified the contacts in Washington for a quick response. Be blessed good people,” activist Simon Mwangi wrote.

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Kenya News

Death announcement of Grace Wangu Kamau of Seattle, Washington



It is with deep sorrow and acceptance of God’s will that we announce the death of Grace Wangu Kamau (Cucu Grace) On Monday, November 6th. Grace was found dead in her bed by a lady that was graciously helping her.

Grace Wangu was 80 years old and in the process of getting ready to go back home to Kenya. Cucu Grace has no family or relatives in Seattle, Washington.
The Kenyans in Seattle were her only family and at 80 years old and poor health she did not get around much.
We are appealing to well wishers in the Kenyan Diaspora community to come together to help ship her body back home.
Zoom meetings will be held every evening from Monday, November 21st,  at 7:30 pm.
Our unity and support has never been more important in this journey.
For support send through
CashApp/Zelle 2068229622($KCIC)
*Please indicate for Grace*
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Kenya News

Villages face food shortage as roads, bridges washed away in Kajiado



Several villages in Kajiado County have been cut off by floods following heavy rains that have been pounding the area.

The villages are inaccessible using vehicles due to damaged roads while some bridges have been washed away.

In Matapato North, Orgosua village has been inaccessible for four days after the only bridge, which connects several villages in Kajiado central, was washed away after heavy rains.

Locals who depend on selling livestock at the local market have appealed to the county and national governments to intervene.

“We have a major health crisis because if a person falls ill it means people will have to walk over 80 kilometres to access a health facility. When the river is flooded, we entirely depend on traditional herbs. What angers us is that every rainy season the situation is the same,”said John Kisimir, a resident of Orngosua village.

They say if the rains continue they will run short of food supplies.

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