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Nonini wins copyright case against Syinix and Brian Mutinda, awarded KES 1 million



Hip hop artiste Hubert Nakitare, popularly known as Nonini, has won a legal battle against Japanese company Syinix electronics and influencer Brian Mutinda for using his song without permission, setting a major precedent in the Kenya influencer economy.

The defendants were ordered by the Milimani Law Courts on Thursday to pay Nonini KES 1 million in general damages for infringing his copyright.

Nonini’s lawyer David Katee also confirmed to NTV that Syinix and Mutinda were ordered to remove the infringing content from all of their platforms, pay the cost of suit, and pay interest at the court’s rate.

Katee expressed his delight at their victory and cautioned influencers to be extremely careful and seek advice on copyright issues to avoid similar pitfalls.

“Intellectual property is property like any other. The same way you cannot trespass on someone’s land, is the same way you cannot use someone’s intellectual property without their permission. So copyrights and any other intellectual property must be respected,” Katee said.

The case stemmed from a video that Mutinda posted on his Instagram page in April 2022, promoting a new flat screen TV from Syinix.

The video featured Nonini’s hit song “We Kamu”, which was synchronized with the visuals without a license from the artiste. The same video was also posted on Syinix’s verified Facebook page.

In July 2022, Nonini had written to the Mutinda and Syinix demanding compensation and an apology. He also shared the court documents on his social media pages, alerting his fans of the legal action.

However, the defendants did not comply with his request, prompting Nonini to file a lawsuit through his lawyers in August 2022.

Syinix, on the other hand, denied making any video that infringed on Nonini’s copyright and claimed that it was unaware of any rights associated with the song.

However, the company expressed interest in discussing the possibility of issuing a “We Kamu” synchronization license to Nonini.

Nonini is regarded as one of the pioneers of Kenyan urban music and the godfather of genge. He has released several albums and collaborated with local and regional artistes. He is also the founder of P-Unit (Pro-Habo Unit), a rap group that has won several awards. On the other hand, Syinix asserted that it was not aware of any rights attached to the song and denied creating any videos that violated Nonini’s copyright.

However, the business indicated an interest in talking with Nonini about the potential issuance of a “We Kamu” synchronization license.

Nonini is considered as the father of genge and one of Kenya’s urban music pioneers. He has worked with musicians from the local and regional music scenes and published several albums. In addition, he is the creator of the award-winning rap group P-Unit (Pro-Habo Unit).




Mercy Kyallo’s mystery lover dishes on steamy romance



Mercy Kyallo, the younger sister to Betty Kyallo, has been spotted with Robert, a bearded man.

Robby, as he is affectionately known, has now clarified how he met Mercy Kyallo, a well-known reality celebrity.

The bearded businessman stated in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News that they met through a mutual acquaintance named Betty Kyallo, who also happened to be Robby’s client.

Robby opened out about Mercy and his relationship, expressing dedication to their partnership.

He stated, “Right now my whole focus is on one person and that person is Mercy. I don’t care about the background noise, the hype or her fame.

My only mission is to support her in any way I can. She is the woman I have been looking for.”

When questioned about the attention that comes with dating a famous person like Mercy, Robby acknowledged that he might not be quite ready for it.

He was open to anything that could come their way, though.

He emphasized that his treatment of Mercy comes before how other people view her.

Robby shared that he and Mercy have been friends for more than a year and a half in their reflection on their relationship.

Their relationship began as a result of Betty Kyallo, Mercy’s sister, who was involved in their introduction.

Robby preferred, as a businessman, to let Mercy speak for herself before disclosing further information about their relationship.

He acknowledged that he was afraid of being judged.

When asked about an engagement between him and Mercy, Robby playfully replied:

“I plead the fifth.”

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Comedian Auntie Jemimah: Why I don’t want to get married



By Wanja Waweru

Auntie Jemima, a comedian, recently discussed why she doesn’t feel pressure to get married, citing personal independence as one of the primary reasons.

She was open and honest about her opinions on marriage and how it might impede her personal development and goals in an interview with Cate Rira for the POV podcast.

Auntie Jemima feels that getting married could put off her pursuit of a variety of personal objectives and desires that she has yet to realize.

“I am not afraid of marriage. But there are some things I need to do before I decide whether I want it or not. If I don’t achieve them, that’s fine. I am open to that possibility.

Auntie Jemima continued by saying that she had decided against getting married as a result of her prior partnerships’ experiences.

She has long preferred living independently, therefore she finds it difficult to get used to the concept of living with someone else. Even accommodating her nanny required modifications, which was a big departure for her.

Auntie Jemima’s great desire for independence and the ability to make choices without feeling bound is one of the major variables affecting her attitude.

She emphasised: “I want to live where I want and make decisions the way I want without being hindered.

She remarked, “I firmly believe that if a woman gets married before she achieves certain things, it can and probably will hinder her progress.”

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Size 8 speaks about desire to get another baby and regrets in life



By Wanja Waweru

Size 8, a former gospel singer who is now a pastor, has expressed her desire to have a third kid. The mother of two stated in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News that she plans to add to her family in the near future by having another child.

“For now, we will patiently wait upon the Lord’s timing. Currently, it’s not the right time, but perhaps in the coming years,” Size 8 said.

The performer has had four close calls with death while pregnant, unfortunately losing two of her children before they could develop to full term.

The mother of two also disclosed that she would soon be making a comeback in the music business.

“My husband, (DJ MO) is pressuring me to go back to music and so, soon I will be releasing a new soon,” she said.

Size 8 also shared her profound regrets when it comes to her music career.

“I regret following the hype since it amounts to nothing, especially when confronted with real issues. And money, no matter how much, cannot save you.”

Size 8 realized that not everyone has had the same difficulties she has by drawing from her own particular life experiences. She emphasized, however, that for her, being alive is what mattered most.

“As long as I am alive, that is all I need,” she affirmed.

She understood that people who buy into the hype are simply enjoying that stage, but respectfully refrained from pronouncing judgment.

Size 8 continued by stating that a substantial transformation was necessary on the road to authenticity.

“I had to let go of seeking validation through the ‘like’ and ‘view’ button on social media,” she admitted.

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