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Governor Wanga withdraws snacks from cabinet meetings after KOT blast



On Thursday afternoon, Gladys Wanga, the governor of Homa Bay, presided over a cabinet meeting in her county alongside her ministers. The only beverage on hand was bottled water.

This is a huge cry from earlier gatherings where tea and refreshments were abundantly offered and the ministers attended a candidate meeting a month prior.

The governor posted images of the initial conferences on her Facebook page with the caption.

“We have had a chance to discuss the roadmap, action plans and key deliverables as we endeavour to fulfil the pledges in our manifesto and to serve the great people of Homabay,”

But she was surprised by the response she received in the comments section.

She received criticism for showing off food while some people had nothing to eat.

A month later, the county’s cabinet meeting’s arrangement had changed and a few things had been placed on the table.

In the last meeting, each minister received a plate of biscuits along with their choice of water, soda, or tea to wash down the sugary treat.

Additionally, there were fruits available for those who preferred a healthier snack.

Ms. Wanga received criticism on social media for presiding over a meeting while eating.

that just because you are having a cabinet meeting? You can’t have a glass of water and/or tea/uji? You must have scones, biscuits, sweets, 4 types of soda, bananas etc in front of each of you?” Mr Alai wrote on Twitter.

Other social media users said the pictures did not send a good message about the county government as other people in the country are going hungry.

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After the governor was blasted on social media for holding a cabinet meeting while county officials were “feasting” she decided that Thursday’s meeting be held differently.

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