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One of slain Kitengela four had jumped bail



Brian Oduor, one of four men who died in mysterious circumstances shortly after they were spotted having lunch in Kitengela, Kajiado County, had jumped bail in Mombasa over theft of Sh1.5 million.

Court records have revealed a warrant of arrest had been issued against Oduor and his friend, Mr Ramadhan Hussein Kamau, in a criminal case that is still pending in court.

“Warrant of arrest issued against the two accused persons plus their sureties extended,” Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno directed on April 25, 2019.

The proceedings indicate following their release on Sh500,000 cash bail, the two last appeared in court in 2019.


The duo faced two criminal offences of stealing from a locked vehicle and malicious damage to property.

The charge sheet indicates the two, jointly with others not before the court, stole the money, the property of Mr Sammy Muutu Mulwa, and in order to commit such theft, broke into the locked motor vehicle.

They are also accused of malicious damage to property, with the prosecution arguing the two wilfully and unlawfully damaged the windscreen of Mr Mulwa’s vehicle.

The windscreen of the vehicle, a Toyota Harrier, was valued at Sh14, 000. This offence was committed on December 15, 2017.

Court records link Oduor and his accomplices to numerous incidents of theft targeting locked vehicles in Mombasa.

Hired a vehicle

To commit the crime, records show Oduor hired a vehicle from Nairobi, which he used to steal from at least two victims.

Proceedings in the Mombasa court case indicate a motor vehicle registration number KBY 291K, a grey Toyota Noah, was used to track down Mr Mulwa to Tudor, where his money was stolen.

The businessman had left a bank when the incident happened.

The vehicle, police records show, tracked the businessman from the bank in the central business district to Kiziwi in Tudor, where the theft took place.

At a fee of Sh32,000, Oduor hired the vehicle for a week from Mr Stephen Wadego Okello, a car hire dealer who does business through his company, Capital Travel Ltd, based at Upper Hill Gardens in Nairobi.

Oduor hired the vehicle through Mr Timothy Onyango Otek, which was then driven to Mombasa.

Both Mr Onyango and Mr Okello had testified in the criminal case against Oduor.

Mr Onyango had initially been charged due to his involvement in the transaction but the DPP dropped the charges against him and converted him into a State witness.

State witness

He has been described as a broker in the car hire trade.

In his testimony, Mr Onyango told the court that Oduor had requested him to find him a vehicle, but the purpose was not disclosed to him.

Since he knew Mr Okello, he contacted him and the vehicle was released to the suspect after a down payment of Sh16, 000 was sent to him via M-Pesa.

“I did not know what he was going to do with the vehicle,” said Mr Onyango.

Mr Okello confirmed meeting Mr Onyango, who had visited him together with another man.

“He told me he had a client who wanted to hire a vehicle for an unknown period of time. Mr Onyango was not new to me. I had dealt with him before on several occasions,” he said.

Car badly damaged

According to Mr Okello, the vehicle was returned to Nairobi after 10 days and was badly damaged.

Upon inquiry from Mr Onyango, Mr Okello said he was told that the vehicle had been involved in an accident in Mombasa but Oduor would cater for the repair expenses.

“They told me the vehicle was in Embakasi, so I should send my driver to go for it. I did that, only to find it badly damaged,” he said.

Mr Okello said once he had been informed his vehicle was at a carwash site in Embakasi, he sent his driver, Mr Michael Oduor, to go for it.

The driver, who has also testified in the case, told the court he was arrested by the police shortly after going for the vehicle.

“I later learnt the vehicle had been used to commit a crime. Its registration number had been widely shared on social media. I did not know who had the vehicle before,” he said.

He was, however, released from Kileleshwa Police Station after recording his statement.

The case against Oduor and Mr Ramadhan is coming up for mention on May 13.

Eerie coincidence

Meanwhile, the Kitengela murders have an eerie coincidence with the killings of three people in Changamwe, Mombasa. One survived the shooting in Changamwe.

The Kitengela quartet vanished on April 19 — and their bodies were discovered the following day — and the Changamwe killings occurred two days later.

James Munyao Mwangi was killed alongside two Tanzanians on April 22.

The Tanzanians worked as mechanics in Saba Saba area.

A fellow mechanic said the two specialised in car tracking systems.

A source told the Nation that their bodies were transported to Tanzania for burial while Mwangi was interred in Mariakani, Kilifi County on April 29.

On the fateful day, sources told the Nation that Mwangi had picked the two mechanics from Mombasa town to work on his wife’s vehicle.

Sprayed with bullets

The three were killed at around 8.30pm when a vehicle they were travelling in was sprayed with bullets by unknown gunmen. There were four people in the vehicle. One survived.

Police said Mwangi, who was the driver of the vehicle, was killed at the scene while the other two died on Thursday.

“The three occupants had been rushed to hospital, but two died. We only have one survivor who is not in good condition. We are hopeful he will recover and share with us information on the incident,” said Changamwe Police Commander David Mathiu.

Mr Mathiu said the three were killed by people who had been following them in another car.

Police recovered several ATM cards that they said belonged to the driver, his driving licence, five mobile phones and an extra car key.

“We have been able to ascertain that the vehicle belongs to the driver (James),” said Mr Mathiu.

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Journalist Hassan Mugambi set to wed former video vixen Mwanaidi



By Wanja Waweru

Hassan Mugambi, a reporter for Citizen TV, is getting hitched to Mwanaidi Shishy.

A celebration that the journalist will host will be attended by close relatives and friends.

Friends of Mugambi congratulated him on his impending nuptials on social media.

His colleague and fellow journalist Ayub Abdikadir sent him well wishes as he started his married life.

Former video vixen Mwanaidi now runs the Mama Nilishe restaurant in Kilimani, which serves Swahili food.

Mugambi is a well-known journalist who has won numerous honors over his career.

His career began at the Kibra radio station Pamoja FM, and it later moved to CGTN, formerly CCTV.

Later, he was hired by K24, a channel owned by Mediamax, before switching to Citizen TV in 2017.

Mugambi won the Outstanding Media Security Investigative Award for the year 2019.

He received praise from the Protective and Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK) for his excellent and dependable reporting on security issues in the nation.

At the Nairobi Security Expo in 2023, he received the Security and Crime Reporter of the Year 2023 honor.

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Eric Omondi flies to London for lunch to prove a point to Moses Kuria



By Wanja Waweru

The Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has received criticism from content creator and comedian Eric Omondi for admitting that he regretted supporting his tour to the United States seven years ago.

Eric, who has argued forcefully against the Finance Bill 2023, has gone to London “for lunch” to show Mr. Kuria that he can afford to pay for his travel expenses.

The comedian pleaded with the CS in a post on his Instagram account not to accept the planned taxation of content producers so that they may also travel in Business Class without receiving financial help from politics.

“After hearing Moses Kuria speak, I decided to take myself to London just for Lunch and also thank God for how far He’s brought us. Thank you bwana Kuria for sponsoring my tour seven years ago but please don’t tax content creators 15% so that they are able to tour on their own,” he said.

Mr. Kuria criticized Eric on live television on Wednesday at the Citizen TV-hosted Big Conversation debate for criticizing the government regarding the draft Bill.

He expressed sorrow over what he claimed to have funded Eric for a vacation to the US seven years prior, claiming that he might have instead had fun with the money.

“I have heard Eric Omondi claiming he is a youth. Seven years ago I used my own money to take him to America to expose him and right now, according to the way he is talking, I wished I used that money to party because it doesn’t seem like he learned anything from it,” Mr Kuria said from Belarus.

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Kakamega family demands justice after botched treatment leads to 3-year-old losing five fingers



By Wanja Waweru

A family from Bukhaywa village, Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega county, is calling for justice after their three-year-old son’s right hand was amputated of all the fingers due to improper treatment.

“My son had a burn on his left hand and was in a stable condition when we took him to hospital, but because of the doctor’s negligence, all his right fingers were cut off and he is disabled now,” the victim’s father Mr Zephaniah Likavo said.

Winnie Auma, the mother of the victim, claimed that the nurse was an intern who gave her son an incorrect drug injection. When she witnessed how the son’s body responded, she reported the incident to the doctor, but nothing was done about it.

“My son was crying in pain and the colour of his hand changed. I wondered what was happening and reported to the doctor, but no action was taken. Instead, he said it was normal for such a reaction to happen,” she said

The family claims they received word shortly after that their son’s fingers would need to be amputated in order to stop an infection.

The management of the hospital refuted the accusations, claiming that the family had moved their son to a different facility where his fingers had been severed.

“We treated their son and there was a challenge in finding the vein in the hand, so it affected his fingers and later they wanted a transfer to another hospital for specialised treatment. That’s where they amputated the fingers,” the official said.

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