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Owner of dam in Solai, which burst in 2018 killing 48 people dies




PATEL MANSUKH, owner of Patel Dam in Solai, which burst in 2018 killing 48 people, dies at Aga Khan Hospital, farm manager confirms.

The Solai dam tragedy that occurred in May 9, 2018, killed 48 people.

The private Solai dam, located inside a farm owned and managed by Perry Mansukh Kansagara and Vinoj Jaya Kumar, burst its banks on the night of May 9, 2018, washing away surrounding villages of Energy, Nyakinyua, Endao, Milmet and Arutani.

The flood waters and tumbling debris hit Energy village at high speed, washing away homes, cars and huge rocks towards the other villages downstream in pith darkness.

Besides the deaths, the tragedy left at least 5,000 people displaced after its water flattened the sleepy Energy and Nyankinyua villages.

Life has moved on for everyone, but the survivors still have scars of the tragedy.

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