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Pastor Ng’ang’a: Church elders dissuaded me from marrying my wife, said she was young



Neno Evangilism founder Pastor Nganga has said his church elders did not approve of him marrying his current wife.

He said he went ahead and married her because the choice of a woman one chooses is personal.

He said: “When I was marrying my wife, church elders questioned why I was marrying someone young,” he said.

Adding that he did not want an older woman as a younger one would have less medical complications.

“I did my maths and realised if I take someone older and we start taking pressure medicines, both of us will end up taking the medicines while probing each other whether we have taken it or not. Also because of the cold in Nairobi, we would have to light the jiko in the house and pass away,” he said while laughing.

The Pastor told his congregants to differentiate between which things are personal and which are God’s responsibility.

“Your wife is yours. Call her sweetheart, baby… buy her something if you see she is stressed. Men, don’t kneel before your wives even if you error her. We do not kneel down, but we buy them gifts as an apology. And you women, once you receive the gift stop the drama,” he said.




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