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PHOTO: Speaker Muturi appears in Parliament in a unique sling




National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi is yet to heal after an accident that happened in his office in December.

Muturi underwent minor surgery on the right part of his shoulder after having persistent pains despite receiving medical attention immediately the incident happened.

Notably, he had a rarely seen sling on his right arm weeks after his shoulder was injured while pulling a drawer in his office.

Justin Muturi in Parliament Buildings yesterday. PHOTO| COURTESY

It is common for a patient who has fractured his arm or shoulder to wear a sling for some weeks. The sling supports and keeps still an injured arm or shoulder.

Muturi’s sling is attached to a shoulder immobilizer which has an extra strap that runs from the elbow around the back to the wrist, almost like a belt.

It is a soft foam support that consists of four parts: the chest band, arm strap, wrist strap and shoulder strap.

The shoulder immobilizer prevents the shoulder joint from moving, hence staying in the correct position for healing.

In December, Muturi shared how the accident happened.

“I had a minor accident in the office while trying to pull a drawer & my seat slid off the tempered glass chair-mat where I ended up hurting my right-hand shoulder & the back.

“Unfortunately, the pain persisted and on the advice of the doctors, I have undergone a minor surgery on my right-hand shoulder to repair the fracture that I suffered then,” he said.

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