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PHOTOS: Emotional Naomi Kuria lays her dad to rest



After months of illness, digital content creator Naomi Kuria’s father passed away last week.

The comedian and actress lay her father to rest yesterday. She stated this in a post to her Instagram account.

She began by stating that her dad was now in heaven.

“Yesterday we laid my dad to rest. He is completely absent in this body which means he is completely present with the Lord.

She then thanked the friends who had come out in support during the burial.

“I felt so strong to see my friends around, thank you so much for coming. I have now to continue with the same life but a very different one.”

She finished her post by thanking her God for being with her during this tough time and asked her online family to keep supporting her during her period of need

Emotional Naomi Kuria lays her dad to rest

Emotional Naomi Kuria lays her dad to rest

Emotional Naomi Kuria lays her dad to rest

Emotional Naomi Kuria lays her dad to rest

Fans and followers who read the message instantly reacted. Some of the condolence messages are below;

o.mugaEverything happens for a reason. God will show you a miracle to cover the pain of the loss. Strength and harmony ikubebe all the way.

cesskjIt is well dear ,may the Lord comfort you at this difficult time.

Last month in October, Naomi confessed to experiencing suicidal thoughts.

She suffered anxiety and panic attacks that began in late September this year and had to rush home. Her father was her support system throughout the whole period.

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Naomi claimed that her father prayed for her and ushered her into salvation, after feeling guilty and condemned that the enemy was after her just after she decided to change her ways and follow the ways of the Lord.

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