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Police blamed for abduction of 3 children from father



Police are on the spot over the manner they are a handling a case of seven people who are accused of ‘abducting’ three children from a
widower whose wife committed suicide.
Nikesh Harji Senghani, the father of the three children, accompanied by several religious leaders, last week stormed Capitol Hill Police
Station seeking answers on the matter.
The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has already approved charges against the seven people to be charged with conspiracy to
commit a felony and abduction. They are Urvash Kauship, Lalji
Hirani, Ratan Daya, Dakish Nilesh Siyani, Mitiksha Vekariyi, Arvind Vekarija and Namrata Manoj Keshavji Makwana.
Nikesh claimed that he reported the matter to the DCI, Nairobi Area, since he did not trust the police in
Lang’ata, saying they were acting under the influence of the seven.
“They had even bribed the Lang’ata Children Officer to sign documents to transfer ownership of my
own children. But fortunately the officer declined, saying she could not do this without the consent of
the biological parent,” he claimed.
The religious leaders who showed up at the station in solidarity with Nikesh last week also demanded
for justice to be served. Bishop Gitau of Jesus Christ Our Hope urged the government to intervene and
help Nikesh get his children back.
“As church leaders we highly condemn this act. The law clearly says that a child below the age of 18
years should not be separated from his biological parents. Nikesh’s children were taken away by people
he does not even know,” he said.
The three children — a five year old girl and seven months old twins were ‘forcibly taken’ by two of the
suspects; Lali and his wife Hirani, after their father, Nikesh Harji, was taken to custody for almost a
month over the death of his wife, Vanita Nikesh, who was found hanging in her bedroom in April 2022.
Nikesh was later cleared of all charges

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