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Police called in as hundreds of job seekers throng EPZA for non-existent work



By Wanja Waweru

Hundreds of jobseekers have been camping at the Export Processing Zone Authorities (EPZA) factories in the last one week, forcing intervention from the police.

A huge crowd of job-seekers have been witnessed at the zone main gate and respective company entry points struggling to get attention of securing employment.

The tens of desperate job-seekers have been queuing for non-existing jobs leading to a stampede where several people have been left nursing injuries. In November and December last year, most textile companies closed down temporarily for the end of year.

Several companies resumed operations this week attracting job seekers in droves.

The dejected men and women who have been spending hours at the export zone say their desperate move is due to lack of employment.

“Majority of us here used to work here before the companies took a break. We are not getting communication of why we have not been called back to duty. We are here along other job seekers just trying our luck. It is unfortunate that instead of the company’s communicating they instead involve police to chase us away.

Some people are being absorbed and that is what has been keeping our hope alive coming here everyday,”said Lydia Abala, a job seeker. The same sentiments were echoed by John Kioko who wondered why the export companies management were not keen in making it clear of the number of workers they intend to recruit.

“ We are in total confusion. If a company breaks for holiday, does it mean the job ended without communication? We have some companies like Mars recruiting workers but the criteria is not definite and is causing a lot of confusion,” narrated Kioko.

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The job seekers want EPZA to come out clearly on available job opportunities and the Kenya Kwanza government to intervene and solve the problem of employment across the country.

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