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Police impound bhang, arrest four in Ruiru



By Wanja Waweru

Police in Ruiru, Kiambu County have detained four persons and seized marijuana that was being processed at a house close to a school.

In addition, they seized 40 litres of ethanol that was being packaged in close proximity to the newly opened Ruiru Vocational Training College and Gatong’ora Primary School.

According to Area Sub-County Police Commander Alex Shikondi, his officers stormed the location after receiving a tip. The primary suspect, nevertheless, eluded a police dragnet.

Some of the marijuana that the police seized was found in a homestead in the Kiambu district of Ruiru’s Gatong’ora.

The raid follows a recent protest by local women against the widespread sale of illegal brews that they said turned their men into “vegetables.”

Shikondi, who was joined by the area OCS Jane Kabuchwa, said: “We want to reassure locals, especially women, that they can go back to the bedroom following reports that they no longer go there because their men have been rendered useless by these drinks.”

The primary suspect, known only as “Rasta,” had put CCTV cameras on a perimeter wall in his enclosure, according to the police commander, and he must have seen the police approaching the farmhouse before running away.

Shikondi thanked the locals for giving the information and urged them to keep working with law enforcement to make the neighborhood crime-free.

Police are stepping up their search for the ringleader, whose four employees are currently in custody, and he stated the suspects would be arraigned in court.

As police further up their search for the ringleader, whose four employees are currently in detention awaiting prosecution, he said the accused would be charged in court.

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Two brands with the names Aquila and Chaser that had phony Kenya Revenue Authority labels were among the illegal beverages seized.

A motorcycle alleged to have been used to carry the illegal goods was also seized by police.

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