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Police shake-up in Nairobi as government moves to contain crime



By Wanja Waweru

The National Police Service in Nairobi will now be under new command and leadership, according to Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki.

Prof. Kindiki said the government is implementing a multi-agency response to get rid of criminals who have taken control of Nairobi’s streets and are terrorizing members of the public at a news conference on the condition of security in the nation.

Prof. Kindiki emphasized that the city’s rising crime rate has been brought to the attention of the authorities.

“We have witnessed increasing criminal activity within Nairobi. Small group of criminals armed with knives and other weapons is terrorizing the citizens of this city as well as other urban centres. Those boys who have dared the government and want to tell us that they can take over the city and make it a city of crime. We have also heard you and therefore we are coming after you effective immediately,” said Kindiki.

“We have taken measures already in regard to counterterrorism, and response to bandits and banditry. In this regard, the leadership and command of the police has changed the command of Nairobi city police deployment effective immediately.”

The CS did not however divulge details on the nature of leadership change effected in Nairobi.

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