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Pollution: how 9 million people lose their lives every year?



According to the latest studies, the pollution of natural environments (air, water and soil) is responsible for the death of more than 9 million people in the world, and this, each year. This figure is higher than the mortality of certain diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria. The countries most sensitive to this deadly weapon are those in the process of development. Here are the details on this invisible condition that causes so many deaths without anyone realizing it.

A frightening report

When we talk about pollution, we include all types. Whether it is air pollution by toxic gases, soil pollution by factory waste or water pollution by hydrocarbons, nature is in great pain because of the irresponsible behavior of humans, and it is they who pay the price.

According to a report published by The Lancet Planetary Health, one in six deaths is directly linked to pollution. This represents nearly 16% of the global death rate. Pollution can be considered the number one environmental risk factor in the world because of all the diseases it causes.

Relationship between pollution and death

The estimate of the number of pollution-related deaths is made by taking into account illnesses caused by one of the three pollution-related environmental disturbances. It is thanks to the global disease burden that the international program in epidemiology was able to produce the first results.

More than 7,000 researchers set to work to produce a reliable and concrete analysis of the impact of pollution on mortality. The study conducted in 2022 concerns the deaths of the year 2019, i.e. a 3-year retrospective.

In the latter, the results are glaring, with more than 9 million premature deaths attributable to pollution. The good news is that these numbers have been stable since 2015, when the first study of pollution mortality was carried out.

Thanks to these data, we can make the link between pollution and the appearance of life-threatening diseases. It should be noted that cancers and other conditions not attributable to pollution were not taken into account in this study. The numbers could be much larger than that if more ailments were attributed to pollution.

With more than 16% of annual deaths related to pollution, it is clear that the situation is not going to get any better unless serious measures are taken by governments.

Diseases that can be prevented

Air pollution is responsible for the development of chronic diseases of the respiratory tract. Asthma, being the first disease attributable to pollution, still wreaks havoc in developing countries. Although medications to treat the condition exist, it is difficult to combat it if the numbers keep rising.

Soil pollution is responsible for cancers, deficiencies, and metabolic disorders that go unnoticed for years. The appearance of these conditions in young populations is a warning signal that should make pollution control organizations move.

Drinking water and sea water are also affected by pollution. Astronomical amounts of micro waste are ingested daily by humans through this water essential to life. Animals are also affected by the pollution of this element, which disrupts the entire natural cycle.

It is no longer shocking to see endemic foci of malaria, tuberculosis, or cholera still active in certain regions of the world. If pollution is not curbed, the maintenance of these diseases and the emergence of new diseases will be responsible for the majority of deaths in the world.

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