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President Ruto unveils 42-member task force to review CBC



By Judith Gicobi

A 42-member commission formed by President William Ruto has been tasked with examining the nation’s educational system and making recommendations, chief focus being the implementation of a Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) in the most effective way possible.

The Working Party on Education Reform will work for six months, according to a Gazette Notice from President Ruto dated September 30, 2022, and will be obligated to give him a progress report every two months starting from the day of their appointment.

Peter Tabichi, a renowned Kenyan educator who served on the CBC task committee, Mutheu Kasanga, and Prof. Collins Odete are among the members of the team, which will be led by Prof. Raphael Munavu.

The task force, which has also been given seven secretaries, will examine the laws affecting the basic education subsector and offer suggestions for revisions to the laws in order to address “duplication, ambiguities, efficiency, constraints and improving linkages.”

As part of his campaign platform, Ruto stated that the Competency-Based Curriculum would need to be evaluated in order to address concerns from stakeholders in the education industry, including parents, teachers, and other stakeholders.

The team will still be required to research, evaluate, and recommend ways to “the conceptualization and implementation of key tenets guiding the competency-based approach including but not limited to value-based education, community service learning, parental empowerment and engagement.” in relation to basic education.

Additionally, they will evaluate and develop a framework for evaluation and testing, quality control, teacher preparation and deployment, and all of the aforementioned.

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Concerning tertiary and university education, the Working Party on Education Reform has also been tasked with conducting research. For TVET training and development, university education, research, and training, this included “ to review and recommend a governance and financing framework for TVET training and development, university education, research and training.”

In order to harmonize and combine all tertiary education financial institutions, the team will also study and recommend laws to enable amalgamation of HELB, TVET, and University Funding Boards.

They will also be obliged to invite and take into account the opinions of public and sector stakeholders; convene the specified number of meetings at the specified locations and times.

Additionally, they will be expected to hold as many meetings in the locations and at the times they deem necessary for the proper performance of their duties. They will also be required to invite and take into consideration the opinions of sector stakeholders and members of the public.

The Ministry of Education will pay for the working party’s expenses.

“The costs incurred by the Working Party shall be defrayed from the voted funds of the Ministry of Education or such grants or donations as may be secured from Development Partners,” reads the notice.

The task force has been instructed to have a secretariat that will supply it with the necessary background information, create working party reports, and disseminate any information thought to be pertinent to the working party. This responsibility falls on the Ministry of Education.

Here are the members of the team

Raphael Munavu (Prof.) – Chairperson,

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David Some (Prof.),

Halima Saado Abdilahi (Dr.),

Ciriaka Gitonga (Dr.),

Purity Mbaabu,

Edward Katue Nzinga (Dr.),

Virginia Wahome (Ms.),

Robert Juma Wamalwa,

Charles Kyalo Mutinda,

Gitahi Kiama (Prof.),

Anthony Cheruiyot Sitienei,

Bishop Geffrey Waweru Gichoki,

Seline Chepngeno Ronoh (Rev.),

Laila Abubakar (Prof.),

Daniel Otieno Randa,

John Kamiti Munyua,

Paul Wainaina (Prof.),

Kasanga Mutheu (Ms.),

Margaret W Chege (Ms.),

James Kanya (Prof.),

Salome Eyangan (Ms.),

Wiston Akala (Prof.),

Peter Mokaya Tabichi,

Jane Kimiti (Ms.),

Kizito Wangalwa

Augusta Mwihaki Muthigani (Ms.),

Peter Barasa (Prof.),

Ahmed Yussuf (Dr.),

Jone Mose,

Hassan Mwakimako (Prof.),

Lynette Mwende Ndile (Ms.),

Wilson Kogo (Dr.),

Stephen Mbugua Ngari (Prof.),

Paul Lilan,

Richard Githinji (Dr.),

Collins Odote (Prof.)

Jane Imbunya (Dr.),

Jacinta Ngure (Ms.),

Jerono P. Rotich (Dr.),

Subira Neema (Ms.),

Bernard Kariuki Njoroge,

Peter Njenga Keiyoro (Prof.),



Elyas Addi (Dr.),

Patita Tingoi (Ms.),

David Njegere (Dr.),

Jackson Too (Prof.),

Reuben Nthamburi Mugwuku (Dr.),

Richard Miano,

Eunice Gachoka (Ms.)

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