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Putin claims that Russia ‘had no choice’ in Ukraine



By Judith Gicobi

President Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine was “unavoidable” and that the conflict’s objectives will be met.

On Tuesday, he made these remarks after flying into Russia’s Far East Amur area, where he visited Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Putin made the journey outside of Moscow for the first time since Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, sending tens of thousands of soldiers into the neighboring country.

Putin and Lukashenko made a trip to the Vostochny Cosmodrome to commemorate Russia’s yearly Cosmonautics Day, which commemorates Russian Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s first crewed space voyage in 1961.

After retreating its forces from regions of northern Ukraine, Ukraine anticipates Russia to conduct a massive new onslaught in the country’s east.

Putin claimed that Ukraine had been transformed into an “anti-Russian bridgehead” where “sprouts of nationalism and neo-Nazism were being cultivated” while addressing at the Vostochny space launch complex.

They were also scheduled to tour the spaceport and interact with employees, as well as hold a joint press briefing later that day.

“This new generation of Ukrainian nationalists are especially clashing with Russia. You see how Nazi ideology became a fact of life in Ukraine,” he argued.

Such assertions have been disregarded by Ukraine and its Western allies as a pretext for attack. Before the war, there was no far-right party in Ukraine’s parliament.

Putin reiterated his statement that the Russian “special military operation” was intended to defend civilians in eastern Ukraine controlled by Moscow-backed separatists, as well as “ensure Russia’s own security”.

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He claimed that “we had no other choice” and that “there is no doubt that we will achieve our goals”.

Putin also stated that Russia has no interest of alienating itself, and that other nations will be unable to do so. It’s certainly impossible to isolate anyone in the world of today, especially such a huge country as Russia.”

Ukraine has fought back vehemently, and the West has responded with sweeping sanctions aimed at pressuring Russia to evacuate its military from its neighbor.

Lukashenko, who has a history of saying things that appear to contradict his closest associates’ declared opinions on a variety of concerns, has asked that Belarus be included in talks to end the crisis in Ukraine, claiming that Belarus has been wrongfully labeled “an accomplice of the aggressor.”

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