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Raila now wants Kenya to adopt US electoral system, scrap IEBC



By Wanja Waweru

Raila Odinga, the head of the opposition, seeks to replace the nation’s centralized system for managing elections with a county-based, regional framework more like to that of the United States.

In contrast to Kenya’s existing state, where the electoral body is centralized, Mr. Odinga claims that if the electoral body were devolved into regions or counties, it would boost credibility and transparency.

Additionally, he advocated for allowing political parties to deputize their members to work for the electoral body.

“There is always the question of centralisation of election management. Do we need one electoral body to manage our elections or should elections management be devolved to the state regions or counties as in the case of the United States? Should parties be allowed to second their members to the election management bodies? My answer to these two questions is yes,” said Mr Odinga.

The Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition boss was speaking at the 14th edition of the Leadership Annual Conference and Awards in Abuja, Nigeria, on Tuesday.

In the US, the electoral system is decentralised and while its Constitution does set parameters for the picking of federal officials, state law — not federal — regulates most aspects, including primary elections.

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