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Relocation to the US is an expensive affair



Going to the United States is a capital-intensive process that cannot be completed in the blink of an eye. It takes a lot of planning and coordination for everything to fall into place. While the program makes it easier to apply for tuition funds in the US, it is a struggle to find the funds to relocate intact on your own, especially if you are fresh off the campus and do not have a stable job in Kenya. This is where The Airlift Sacco steps in to help students with relocation expenses by pooling resources from other students.

Tom Mboya while facilitating the first Airlift, stated that “Nothing constitutes a greater contribution to the struggle against poverty, disease and political subjection in Africa than that made towards our peoples’ educational advancement. “This statement is still true today, more than six years later, thanks to the Kenya Airlift program and The Airlift Sacco.

The video provides more insights on the same.

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