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Revealed: Monica Kimani was in the process of purchasing a Sh4M house before she died, father wants it



A day after Monica Kimani was killed at an apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi, a company that was reportedly selling a house to her, and with which she had signed a sale agreement, terminated the deal without informing anyone. Now, nearly four years later, her family is trying to get the house back.

She was in the process of buying a three-bedroom bungalow at Villa Maya Apartment, about 100 metres off Ndenderu-Banana road in Kiambu County.

This is giving her father, Bishop Paul Ngarama, sleepless nights.

According to reports, the bishop is about to lose the only remaining tangible investment his only daughter made, and that saddens him.

Documents show that Monica had partially paid for the Sh4 million house at Villa Maya from Tiara Investment Ltd. She signed the sale agreement with the company on April 10, 2017.

According to documentary evidence, the 0.0125-hectare property, named Kiambaa/Thimbigua/7488 was being bought by Monica, referred to as the purchaser.


Last week, the last witness in the Monica Kimani murder trial, Chief Investigating Officer Maxwell Otieno placed the first accused Joseph Irungu at the scene of the murder in Lamuria Gardens on the night Monica is alleged to have been murdered.

The witness, who took the court through items collected during the investigations and submitted them as exhibits told the court that Joseph Irungu and Jacque Maribe jointly murdered the 29-year-old Jubabased businesswoman in September 2018.

The agreement stated that upon completion of payment, the purchaser would receive a registration of transfer of the property. If she (purchaser) failed to complete the transaction on the completion date, she would be considered to have breached her obligations.

Tiara Investments Ltd would then serve a notice in writing for the purchaser to complete the transaction within 21 days from the day the notice is served.

The agreement also stated that should the purchaser fail to complete the transaction before the period expires, then they would be entitled, upon Tiara Investments’ sole discretion, to an extension of time to allow for completion, with interest accruing from the unpaid balance. Alternatively, the agreement would be revoked.

Forfeit deposit

If revoked, the seller of the property would forfeit the Sh400,000 deposit as liquidated damages, but would refund the remaining balance to the purchaser.

Monica needed to have cleared the balance within 90 days from the execution of the agreement, which would have been July 2017.

However, on October 3, 2017, she signed a deed of variation of the sale agreement, which reviewed the terms to a Sh1 million deposit, and monthly instalments of Sh520,000 beginning November 1, 2017. This meant that the purchase price would be settled by March 1, 2018.

On the same day, she entered into a tenancy agreement with the same company, which was to expire on September 30, 2018. She was required to pay monthly rent amounting to Sh23,000 after submitting a deposit of Sh46,000.

On trial for Monica’s murder

Mr Joseph Kuria alias Jowie and Ms Jacqueline Maribe are on trial for Kimani’s murder. They have denied the charges.

According to documents seen by the Nation, Kimani was yet to complete payment of both agreements. Out of a total of Sh4,322,000, she had paid Sh1,760,000. Out of this amount, total purchase price deposits amounted to 1,550,000, and rent payment of Sh210,000. She had an outstanding purchase price balance of Sh2,450,000, and rent balance of Sh56,000. The total balance amounted to Sh2,562,000.

When Mr Ngarama, through his lawyers from NOB Advocates, expressed his commitment to clear the outstanding balance, together with rent arrears that may have arisen prior to Monica’s death, his proposal was countered with an email on June 27, 2019, from Wangai Nyuthe & Co advocates, representing Tiara investments. He was informed that the directors wished to “utilise the property from the first day of July 2019, until such a time as any subsequent sale shall be concluded.” They also advised that Monica’s tenant needed to vacate the premises. There was no mention of how the money that had already been paid would be repaid. The last payment, according to email correspondence between the advocates showed that the last rent payment made by Monica was on March 26, 2018.

No response

Another email sent to Wangai Nyuthe Advocates requesting processing of the title of the property on December 16, 2019, got no response, as did a follow up mail sent on January 8, 2020. The title would have allowed NOB Advocates to undertake the registration of transfer.

“Monica’s house has been sold to a Nigerian by the owner of the houses, who hasn’t accepted our proposal to clear Monica’s arrears even though we are willing and able to. They have shown us no mercy. Even though our lawyers say they have received no official communication, we also haven’t received any communication regarding receiving a refund of the money that Monica had already paid,” lamented Mr Ngarama.

“That is the only house that we can remember Monica for. It’s like a memorial for her. The owner of the estate was unfair to us. This is very wrong,” he said

Asked whether the parents, once authorised by court as administrators, will be able to go on with the same agreement that Monica had signed, Mr Wachira explained that the matter will be at the sole discretion of the directors of the company, considering factors such as the date of the agreement, date of completion, whether the terms of the agreement were complied with, time taken and humanitarian grounds. “If there was no breach by then, and the seller still feels like they can sell the item to them, they can still proceed. But I can assure you that nobody will take their coin,” he said.

Mr Ngarama, however, says that the claim that his daughter defaulted on payments is a lie, and that he has emails that prove otherwise.

According to Mr Anthony Wachira from Wangai Nyuthe Advocates, Monica had defaulted on both payments required of her before death.

Mr Wachira explained that even though the house may be in the process of being sold to another client, they are ready to discuss a new agreement with Monica’s family, only if they go to court to obtain a letter of administration and a certificate of confirmation of grant.

“I have talked to their lawyer and Bishop Ngarama. We are aware that there was a sale that was going on, and there was a breach on the part of Monica. At the time of death, the breach had been persistent for a whole year,” he said.


‘DJ Brownskin shared clip of dying wife with girlfriend living abroad, who snitched on him’ – DCI



The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has discovered that DJ Brownskin, also known as Michael Macharia Njiiri, sent his girlfriend who lives overseas the video of his dying wife as soon as she passed away.

After his detention, the girlfriend allegedly made a statement, giving the video to a local blogger who then made it public. According to the DCI.

“Detectives have since established that after recording the ordeal, the suspect sent the video to his other girlfriend living abroad before the girlfriend went public with the information through the blogger,” DCI said.

In a recording that was made public on April 1 by a well-known blogger, nine months after the wife Sharon Njeri was buried, DJ Brownskin watched as she carelessly poured poison into a cup and drank it.

She then sat down on a couch and dialed her two kids to tell them she was about to die. The two children’s mother fell and passed away shortly after. On August 6, 2023, she was laid to rest in her parents’ house in Koimbe Weithaga village, Murang’a County.

The DCI claims that Brownskin has been on the run ever since he refused to comply with a police summons to give a statement on the death of his wife.

His capture was made on Thursday night by detectives working out of Kasarani police station.

“The DJ had been summoned by detectives to shed more light into the death of his wife Sharon Njeri, 33, who ingested poison as he recorded on a device on the night of July 29 and 30, last year,” DCI stated.

“Efforts to summon the suspect to shed more light into the incident proved futile, as he remained elusive prompting detectives to launch a manhunt leading to his arrest on Madaraka Day, moments past midnight. The suspect is currently being held at Kasarani police as detectives gather more information from witnesses, to build a strong case against the suspect.”

He will be charged with the offence of aiding suicide and failing to prevent the same contrary to Section 225 (C) of the Penal Code.

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Waititu fails to appear in court over reports he collapsed at home



By Wanja Waweru

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu fell on Sunday at his house and was taken to the hospital, according to information provided to a Nairobi court.

Waititu was admitted to the hospital, and lawyer John Swaka informed Magistrate Thomas Nzioki that Waititu could not be present in court for his hearing.

“We are not ready to proceed… I was informed that he collapsed yesterday and was rushed to Aga Khan where he is admitted,” Swaka said.

Swaka added that Susan Wangari, Waititu’s wife, was with him in the hospital and was unable to travel to court.

“Therefore, we will not be able to proceed with the hearing today,” he said.

The magistrate said that no medical records had been given to him.

Swaka claimed to have learned the details this morning, but he would make the records available as soon as possible.

The case was continued for tomorrow, when Swaka is anticipated to provide the medical records proving his client’s hospitalization.

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Kabete police investigate mysterious death of 39-year-old man



By Wanja Waweru

Police in the Nairobi region’s Kabete, Dagoretti sub-county, have started an inquiry into the unsolved death of a 39-year-old man.

According to a police record that this reporter was able to see, Mr. David Kaime Ngamau vomited before passing away while his friends and family hurried to the hospital.

“It was reported by one Thomas Gachuru Nganda, a resident of Matini that at about 1100 hours today, he learnt that his nephew David Kaime Ngamau aged 39 years was unwell as he had vomited and was unresponsive in his house,” the police report reads in part.

Mr. Nganda then hurried to the home and requested help from the neighbors to rush Mr. Ngamau to a local hospital, which was later identified as St. Theresa Hospital in Kikuyu, Kiambu County, where he was pronounced dead.

Officers from the station arrived at the scene quickly and performed crucial tasks, including taking pictures of the deceased’s home to record it.

In preparation for an autopsy, the deceased’s body is being held in the Kikuyu Pentecostal Church of Eastern Africa (PCEA) morgue.

People are increasingly dying in odd ways, according to reports in the city.

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