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Rumuruti Deputy OCS stabbed to death during raid at chang’aa den



By Wanja Waweru

A senior police officer was fatally stabbed on Thursday night in Rumuruti, Laikipia County, while carrying out a raid at an illegal brew house.

During a raid at a chang’aa den at Maundu ni Meri in Laikipia West, Prosper Wandera, the deputy officer commanding police station at Rumuruti Police Station, was stabbed by a chang’aa brewer and died instantly.

According to Laikipia County Police Commissioner John Nyoike, the officer was reportedly on his way to execute a raid at the den in Sossian within the Maundu Ni Meri shopping center when the 8 pm event took place.

The officer was not armed during the attack.

“It is reported that the officer had received information that there were some jerricans of the illicit brew that were to be delivered at a den in the area. He decided to conduct a raid but was attacked by a brewer,” said the police boss.

Mr. Nyoike pointed out that a boda boda driver had reported to the Rumuruti Police Station that a passenger he had driven to the location had been fatally stabbed after an altercation with a chang’aa brewer.

He claimed that when a group of law enforcement officials headed by the local police commander arrived on the site, they discovered that one of their fellow policemen had been fatally stabbed on the left side of the chest with what they believed to be a knife.

“The boda boda rider alleged that he carried the deceased alone from Rumuruti town to Maundu Ni Meri shopping centre to make an arrest at the den belonging to Jackline Lepere, where he met resistance from a suspect who was delivering 20 litres of chang’aa,” said the police boss.

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Mr Nyoike said that a manhunt had been launched to arrest the suspect who is still at large.

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