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Ruto has no option but to engage Raila – MP



By Wanja Waweru

Samuel Atandi, a member of parliament for Alego Usonga, has warned that if President William Ruto doesn’t talk to Raila Odinga, there will be a political crisis in Kenya.

The MP argued that the President should consult with the Azimio coalition before attempting to publish the selection panel for the appointment of electoral commissioners.

The opposition alliance has said that the recently passed IEBC statute provides the President the advantage in selecting commissioners in advance of the elections in 2027.

According to Atandi, the only option the President has is to reach out to Raila in the interest of peace and stability of the country.

“There will be a political crisis in the country that is going to affect governance, delivery of services and the country will be ungovernable for those who have taken over the reins of power,” Atandi said.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV on Monday morning, Atandi said it is up to the President to ensure that any concerns raised by Kenyans are resolved.

“If you have taken over the reins of power, you have a responsibility to ensure that the country is well run and that Kenyans live peacefully and if there is any problem it is resolved,” he said.

“So, we urge them to ensure that the country is not allowed to get to the stage of a political crisis that will not be able to be managed.”

The President has rubbished Raila’s claims that he wants to micromanage the process of hiring IEBC commissioners.

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