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Samidoh: I couldn’t stay in Kibe’s house in US because he is being hosted by sugar mummy



Samidoh has come forward to share the real reason why he declined Andrew Kibe’s invitation to stay at his residence in Austin, Texas, in the United States.

When asked to comment on Samidoh’s ongoing conflict with his purported sidekick Bernice Saroni and his baby’s mother Karen Nyamu, Kibe revealed the musician turned down his invitation to stay at his home during his previous tour of the US.

Samidoh, according to the contentious vlogger, didn’t want to remain at his residence since he was traveling with a large group of slay queens who he wanted to spend “quality time” with.

Kibe further slammed Samidoh, describing him as the most ‘d$ck driven Kikuyu man’ in a video he shared on YouTube.

“He was here in the States and he was going to Houston. Dallas iko pale na Houston iko hapa and unawezapita Austin. So I told him take a day off come here to Austin let me host you I take you round you see Austin.

“Take you round uone venye wadosi wanaishim upande ka helicopter, tukupigeshe lap uone maisha. Samidoh because the only people who surround that f**ker are women. So energy yake yote ni ya madem. Nikamuuliza Samidoh unafanya nini, why are you behaving like this? Ukuje uhang and wanaume lakini no he wants to hang out with women. He is like a dildo women are fighting over him, are you stupid?” Andrew Kibe narrated.

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