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Sauti Sol’s Bien ‘robbed’ at New Year’s concert, offers 50k for return of his items



Sauti Sol vocalist Bien Aime has said thet he was robbed at the much-hyped ‘NRG Wave’ concert on New Year’s eve at Carnivore grounds, losing an expensive phone, car keys and other items.

On Saturday, Bein alleged that he was pickpocketed.

“The phone had all my recent voice notes of the next Sauti Sol album,” the self-proclaimed bald men ambassador said in a tweet.

In the tweet message, Bien has offered a reward of Ksh.50,000 for the return of the items he lost.

“I am so appalled coz I might not be online the whole month. Yaani jana ningekaa vibaya mgeniibia hadi bibi! A cash reward of 50k ukizirudisha,” he said.

He was among the Kenyan artists who were performing alongside Jamaican dancehall sensation Konshens when the allefged robbery happened.