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See Ambassador Lagat’s live hunt photo that drew anger online



A photo of Kenya’s ambassador to Namibia, Benjamin Lagat posing next to a dead antelope has sparked vicious reactions from conservation experts, with many demanding that the State recalls him.

The photo of the former Ainamoi MP standing next to the antelope’s horns and resting a hunting rifle on the dead animal – has caused a furore on various social media platforms with netizens accusing him of undermining Kenya’s commitment to wildlife conservation.

Despite Kenya banning game hunting in 1977 to conserve its wildlife, the envoy is

said to have acquired a licence for game hunting in Namibia. The Southern Africa country allows game hunting, and conservationists across the globe feel it has paved way for rampant poaching of elephants and rhino.

“Even with the legal practice Namibia has on game hunting practice.. .for a Kenyan Ambassador Hon Benjamin Langat to participate. he violates his country policy and its commitment which Kenya leads in wildlife conservation and advocate for non consumptive practices. SHAME ON YOU,” journalist, Karen Knaust – Karemi tweeted.

Ironically, on the State House tweeter account, President Uhuru Kenyatta applauded Kenya’s wildlife conservation agencies led by the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, and the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) for successful anti-poaching efforts on Monday.

This emboldened some Kenyans to call on the government to rethink the envoy’s appointment.

“Meanwhile Kenya Ambassador for Namibia Benjamin Langat is a professional poacher. @ForeignOfficeKE he should be recalled,” Capt GeoffWageni tweeted.

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