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Seeing Off Our Beneficiaries Leaving for USA at JKIA



It is not easy to have an idea, figure out how to actualize it from scratch amidst challenges and within no time it blows up to become a big thing impacting immensely even beyond boarders. This is the beautiful situation for The KENYA Airlift Program that was founded in 2018 and few years later it has turned out to become a life transforming initiative for people from all walks of life.

Bob Mwiti, The founder of The KENYA Airlift Program seeing off program’s beneficiaries at JKIA

One cannot talk about studying, living and working in USA and fail to mention this award-winning program for the many lives it has touched. Parents of the beneficiaries always express their gratitude to the founders of the program for the renewal of their hope for better lives of the beneficiaries and their families.

Bob Mwiti usually accompanies the friends and families of the beneficiaries to see them off at the airport when time is due for them to leave the country and begin a new life in the US. Great joy is evident through documentations of these golden moments.

This video provides more insights on the same.

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