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Shaffie Weru- I got into depression after being fired



By Wanja Waweru

Shaffie Weru, a renowned radio personality, has now revealed the cause of his widely reported termination from Homeboyz Radio.

The famed radio broadcaster was fired from Radio Africa-owned station Homeboyz Radio in March of last year for making offensive comments, along with DJ Joe Mfalme and radio host Neville.

The veteran media personality explained, in an exclusive interview with a local online publication, that he was let go for reasons that were deeper and much more difficult than his outspoken remarks.

“The reason I was fired you need to understand was never about the tweets or the people, it was about the companies that were spending money on me because I was a very big presenter. Their customers were the ones attacking me, so they also started attacking the companies,” Shaffie revealed.

“That was the reason why my firing was effected. It was not because of what I said.”

The radio host began by recounting the initial circumstances that led to the sad turn of events.

“When Covid came, one of my star presenters GMoney contracted the virus and someone needed to step in because we were short-staffed. At the time I was the head of Homeboyz radio as we were trying to re-acquire it from Homeboyz Entertainment to Radio Africa, and then the story happened,” he said.

He continued by saying that he was dismissed barely two days after returning to radio after an absence from mainstream media of one and a half years.

“It actually happened two days after I got back on radio. I had not been on mainstream radio for like a year and a half, since 2020. Now in 2021 when I got back and did the breakfast show with DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville, that’s when I got fired,” said Shaffie.

“My big mouth and overzealous  caught up with me,”

The two-time parent admitted that he was on thopinione edge of going into depression when the issue truly got to him. He talked openly about how his life had been unexpectedly taken away from mainstream radio after he had devoted nearly two decades of it to it.

“It has never happened to me before and it honestly destabilized me because you know we got fired like at midnight on Twitter. I was just chilling when I was told that this is what’s going down. I didn’t see it coming because by the time I had left, I was only suspended and I knew it would die down, but it was bigger than that,” he revealed.

“I had very solid friends because even when I got fired we were just chilling. It affected me more emotionally than physically but my friends were very supportive,” he said.

Thinking back to how things turned out, Shaffie expressed his regrets saying he wishes he was more informed of the subject matter because he meant no harm.

“I wish I had been more informed and woke to that particular situation and moment because a lot was happening at that time and people were going through a lot with covid, jobs being lost, and salaries being slashed. My only regret is that I was not able to remove myself from that particular moment, and not having read the room,”