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Shix Kapienga recounts terrible accident



Actress and media personality Nancy Wanjiku Karanja, also known as Shix Kapienga, has talked about being a victim of a road accident.

She was hit by a car on her lunch break.

Shix, in an interview with Mwafrica’s Podcast, said she was hit by a Nissan while crossing the road as she was hurrying back to the studio.

She said the accident happened suddenly and left her in shock.

It’s something she will never forget, she said.

“I crossed to buy some parts and this car suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hit me,” Shix said.

“I remember being on the ground, a car passed over my leg. I was shocked very badly. I have never been so shocked in my life.”

Shix said the driver of the car got out and was stunned when he saw her condition.

“When the old driver got off, even I felt sorry for him. He was not well, he was also lame in one leg. I felt bad but you also know at the same time I am in pain that he hit me,” she said.

Shix is ​​an actor, comedian and influencer who has also been a radio and TV presenter.

Her latest film is Baba Twins, a comedy film available on Showmax.

She recently celebrated her 35th birthday.