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Shock as Herbalist allegedly “uses bees to force Robbers to Return Stolen Money”



By Shadrack Nyakoe

Daktari Mzee Nyuki, a renowned, well-travelled herbal medicine researcher specialized in healing people and recovering thousands of properties through his powerful traditional powers has retrieved stolen money from a client whose house was infested by robber s while she was away.

Charity Chebet in Eldoret’s Langas estate lost all the money she had saved to unknown thieves who broke into her house.

During the theft incident, Charity was on duty serving his customers in a stall where she sells food.

“When I returned back home at about 2pm, my house had been ransacked, money amounting to KSh 90,000 and household items had been stolen,” she said.

She reported the matter to a nearby police station but still looked for a herbalist who used bees to attack the thieves.

They were caught in one of the big and expensive hotels in Webuye town as they enjoyed life.

They were thoroughly stung by bees and they eventually revealed how they stole, they were remaining with KSh 50,000.

They were arrested and taken to the nearby police station where they are expected to be arraigned in caught after investigations are over.

He also treats fibroids, stops menstruation overflow that goes beyond normal days, low sexual libido and can also elongate the manhood for proper functioning.

“I also have medicine for protecting the homes from witches, medicine for helping you get a job or be recalled back if you had been sacked previously and I also restore broken relationships to its original status,” he said in an interview with Tuko News Reporter

This follows another shameful incident where he helped a Shamba boy catch his boss red-handed making love in his employers as he was away for other assigned duties.

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The two who had closed all doors from inside were forced out naked by a swarm of bees sent by the self proclaimed herbalist and attracted the attention of neighbours by the their loud wailings.


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