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Shock as pastor dies after he was buried alive hoping to resurrect like Jesus



In a shocking incident in Chidiza town, Zambia, a church leader met a tragic end after a misguided demonstration of faith by his followers. Pastor James Sakala, leader of the Zion Church, proclaimed he would emulate the resurrection of Jesus by returning to life after three days.

Dressed in a white robe and with his hands bound, Pastor Sakala was buried alive in a shallow grave by three church members. He assured his congregation of his imminent resurrection, echoing biblical narratives. However, when the grave was opened on the third day, instead of witnessing a miracle, they found him lifeless.

Reports suggest Pastor Sakala’s garments were stained with bodily fluids, indicating a struggle during his premature death underground. Authorities have apprehended one suspect involved in the burial, while two others remain at large.

The tragic incident has left the community reeling, particularly as Pastor Sakala leaves behind a grieving pregnant wife. He has since been laid to rest at his homestead.

This unfortunate event underscores the dangers of extreme beliefs and the consequences of misguided actions in the name of faith.

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