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Shocking death of the Murang’a ‘sugarcane nun’ Jacinta Muthoni



Jacinta Muthoni, 62, gained popularity and adoration from the locals over her 26 years of selling sugarcane in Murang’a town.

Since she gave up her attempt to become a Catholic nun in the early 1980s, her clients affectionately referred to her as the “nun.”

She wore a headscarf as a sign of her faith throughout, though, and never took it off.

When news came out on April 11 that she had been attacked, apparently gang raped, and murdered in her house, there was anger and disbelief.

“We are issuing a two-day ultimatum to police to either shoot dead or arrest the culprits, failing which we will gang up as Murang’a residents and look for them,” said Michael Njoroge, who chairs the Kiharu East Young Hustlers Association.

The police retrieved her body from her Muthigiriri village house.

“The victim had attack injuries on her face, neck, and arms. She appeared sexually assaulted,” reads the incident report by the scene of crime detectives.

According to the report, the rooms were looted and the seats were ripped, indicating that the attacker or attackers were seeking for something. Additionally, it stated that the woman appeared to have been subjected to severe torture, including being forced to drink salty water, “possibly in an effort to force her to disclose what was being sought in the ransacking.”

Stanley Githoo, her firstborn child, broke the news of his mother’s passing.

Mr. Githoo described how he grew concerned after she failed to open her sugarcane kiosk in Murang’a town as normal in his police statement.

“As a boda boda operator in the town, I would see my mother countless times as I rode on the town’s roads. I called her mobile number, and it was not going through,” he said.

Mr Githoo added that he called the bodaboda operators who were known to take her to shambas to buy sugarcane for sale, but all said they had not seen her.

“I called my younger sister and directed her to proceed home in the evening and see whether she was around,” he says.

Mr Githoo revealed that his mother had a strict routine of getting home before 6.30pm, preparing her meals up to 7.30pm and locking herself inside the house since she lived alone and in an isolated area.

“She had given spare keys to her two married daughters just in case they quarrelled with their husbands and needed to return to her care. She argued that there would be no need to get to their mother’s home and wait outside,” he said.

When her last-born daughter arrived to check on her as directed by Mr Githoo and found the door locked from the outside, she used the spare keys to access the house. “It hit me like a thunderbolt. All indications were that all was not well. Signs of violence were all over. The ransacked house and ugali and sukuma [wiki] dish not taken,” she wrote in her police statement.

She added that she went into the bedroom and the find of her mother sprawled, naked, and with visible injuries, which made her retreat to the outside and called her brother.

“It was around 8pm when I arrived, and after confirming what my hysterical sister had told me on the phone, I went to Kambirwa police station to report,” he said.

Officers who accompanied him back to the residence determined that it was a crime scene, so they called in investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, and the body was taken to the mortuary of Murang’a Level Five Hospital at around 2am.

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Nyeri teen arrested with homemade gun, bhang to be charged



By Wanja Waweru

A 19-year-old guy was detained by police in Nyeri County after being discovered in possession of a handmade gun that could fire and marijuana.

The National Police Service (NPS) said in a statement that the young man was detained as a result of a tip from the general public.

“Police officers from Munyange Police Station arrested a 19-year-old suspect after he was found in possession of a home-made pistol, stones of cannabis sativa and rolls of the same. He has been remanded in police custody,” the statement read in part.

The NPS also expressed gratitude to the general public for helping to support community police in the battle against crime and illegal narcotics.

A police officer assigned to the General Service Unit (GSU) was also found in possession of a handmade pistol the day before the teen’s arrest.

A failed heist in Kasarani sub-county led to the arrest of Mr. Graham Ndichu Chege, a GSU officer.

On Monday, May 29, 2023, Nairobi News broke the exclusive that the suspect has been on police radar for more than four months.

Officers worried about an armed gang terrorizing people in Kasarani Sub-County knew when, not if, Mr. Chege would be apprehended.

The suspect was being questioned about more robberies that had occurred nearby, according to an investigator with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) who is aware of the current inquiries.

“Officers involved in the matter believe that he was the one leading a gang that has been giving the locals in this sub-county a hard time. Plans are also underway to arrest his accomplices,” said the officer, who spoke in confidence as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

According to a police report reviewed by this reporter, Mr. Paul Maina said that three individuals on motorcycles and carrying pistols robbed him at gunpoint of his cell phone at the Cooperative area along Kamiti Road.

“Police officers on foot patrol responded very quickly and with the help of bodaboda riders they chased the suspects to Juja Weighbridge where the suspect’s motorcycle developed mechanical problem and Mr Chege was arrested,” the report reads in part.

As a GSU officer assigned to the GSU Headquarters and Transit Section, Mr. Chege then revealed to the officers that he was to them.

When the police searched him, they discovered a makeshift pistol that they claimed might fire.

“A bloodstained broken knife and a motorcycle with registration number KMFH 031U, make Ranger Black, were recovered,” the police report added.

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City pastor accused of defrauding Kenyans in the USA of Sh6.8 million



By Wanja Waweru

A city preacher has been accused with stealing Sh6.8 million from two sisters and their friend who lives in the USA while he pretended to be in a position to buy them land in Nairobi.

Catherine Wairimu Ng’ang’a of the Githurai-based Arise and Healing and Deliverance Church was charged At the Milimani courts.

When she was prosecuted in front of senior main magistrate Zainab Abdul, she contested four counts of receiving money under false pretenses.

The lady pastor, 53, was charged with cheating Noel Njeri Ngure, Lilian Muthoni Ngure, and Anne Nyambura Njogu between February and September 2021 of a huge sum.

The magistrate was informed that Pastor Wairimu collected Sh4 million from Noel under the pretense that she could sell her a land of land number Mowlem/Nairobi Block 169/285, a fact she knew to be false.

The preacher was suspected of receiving the Sh4m on several times between February 1 and August 12 2021 when he was detained by authorities on May 28, 2023.

The preacher was accused of accepting Sh1,735,000 from Lilian Muthoni Ngure between March 12 and August 12, 2021, despite knowing that she was lying when she said she could sell her a piece of land with the address Mowlem/Nairobi Block 169/287.

According to the third count, she received a second trump of Sh900,000 from Lilian Muthoni Ngure on August 31 and September 24, 2021, pretending to sell to her three stalls at New Wakulima Kangundo Road Market.

The magistrate learned that the pastor was lying and that she was not in a position to do so.

The preacher was accused of defrauding Ann Nyambura Njogu of Sh253,200 in the fourth allegation against her. She had claimed to be in a position to sell Njogu a piece of land in Mowlem/Nairobi Block 169/286.

Pastor Wairimu requested release on bail, pledging to follow the judge’s orders.

Her release on bond was not opposed by the prosecution.

She was then freed by Ms. Abdul on a Sh500,000 cash bail with one contact person.

On June 12, 2023, her case will be brought up for pre-trial instructions.

Pastor Wairimu will then meet with her accusers at the hearing date that Ms. Abdul will establish.

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Police seize counterfeit beer in Murang’a, nab three



Three women were allegedly found in possession of 83 crates of fake beer.

According to a National Police Service (NPS) statement, officers in Muranga cracked down on illegal brews in Marema village in coordination with the local government and the general population.

“The operation led to seizure of 83 crates of Santa King Ice believed to be a counterfeit alcohol, five crates without stickers, and arrest of three female suspects,” the statement read in part.

This happened just a day after two women were apprehended in connection with the seizure of fake booze in Kiambu County.

The two suspects, who have only been identified as Ms. Donatha and Ms. Grace, were detained, according to a statement from the National Police Service, during an operation on May 27, 2023, at the homestead of one Mr. Wanjohi.

“The multi-agency team conducted an operation in Gitaru area where they seized various items including rolls of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) stamps, several boxes of suspected fake alcoholic drinks with different brand names, distilling machines and several empty boxes as well as bottle tops,” the NPS statement said.

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