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‘Si Mammito,’ Butita gives details on his mystery woman



By Wanja Waweru

When he revealed he was having a child, content producer Eddie Butita surprised internet users.

Butita ensured that the woman’s face was out of the frame and that all we could see in the announcement video was her expanding belly.

No words can explain this… 2 has always been my lucky number and 2022 has three twos. Is it a boy or a girl? See you on Monday ❤️❤️❤️”

Butita told Mungai Eve that in order to protect the “mystery woman” from online trolling and harassment, he is not prepared to expose her face.
“Nawajua!…nyinyi watu mtaanza kuchokora bibi yangu, muanze kumharass, at this early stage and I don’t want her to be harassed because of me.”

“Nawajua vizuri sana, watu wa internet mtamharass.” Butita echoed his sentiments.

Asking whether the face reveal would be coming any time soon, he said no, but it was of any comfort Butita noted she was someone in the industry.

“Mama ni mtu sitaki mmjue kwanza lakini ni mtu wa industry, but si musician, si comedian.

Na kitu funny ni ati picha yenye nimepost ata yeye amepost, sijui mbona bado hamjanotice.”

Butita said the woman was not his long term prebious girlfriend Mammito

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