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Software Engineering Listed amongst the Most in Demand Careers -Expert



By Shadrack Nyakoe

Experts are now advising Kenyan techies to gradually embrace Software engineering as it is one of the most demanded and rewarding career profiles of the current times across the world.

They argue that with the consistent demand for new software and mobile applications, the need for software engineers continues to rise.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for software developers, which includes software engineers, is going to grow 22%, substantially faster than the 4% average for all careers.

“According to a Hackerrank report 2021, hybrid-remote, and fully-remote work models are all on the table based on the last 18months, and we anticipate companies will leverage technology regardless of the model they choose. African developers are now able to find work globally across different time zones,” Grace Kinyanjui a technical recruitment specialist told the Star

Kinyanjui said that among most organizations, innovation has caused transformations across most organizations regardless of industry -spurring an unprecedented demand for software engineering talent across the board.

“There is inevitable demand for local and global talent within the African market, recent investment by big tech companies like Google and Microsoft has intensified the demand for talent within the ecosystem,” Kinyanjui added.

Oli Dalizu, the head of learning at JENGA school said that Kenya is emerging as Africa’s tech landscape hence attracting opportunities.

“Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-saharan Africa and laid down an ambitious plan to become an upper middle-income country by 2030 and the technology will be ideal,” he said.

He said that the technology will be greatly required in the coming days.

Oli added that Software Engineering can be self-taught only if one is self aware of your ‘why, your what, and your how’. The challenge is, that most people starting to learn do not know why they want to pursue a career in software engineering, what they will need to learn, and how they will go about learning to achieve what they need.

He said that at JENGA school, all the learning structures are provided for people to have the tech industry knowledge and awareness to enable them to make the right learning decision and equip students with skills they need for the world of opportunities.