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Sonie blasts Mulamwah after explosive interview



By Olivia Mungwana.

Mulamwah’s baby mama Carrol Sonie has implored him to honor their kid in an exclusive interview online.

This follows his recent admission in an interview with Dr. Ofweneke and a post on his Instagram stories.

Mulamwah accused Sonie of being a gold digger who had high financial expectations from him.

Sonie said that she will not comment on the charges because she does not want her daughter to read the negative things she has said about Mulamwah.

“I have nothing to say. Let it remain as it is out there. I have so much respect for my daughter and I wouldn’t want these back and forth online fights. When she is grown up, she will see and read all of these stories. I can never say anything,” she stated.

According to Mulamwah, Sonnie cheated on him with some other man while they were still together. When asked to comment on the allegations, Sonie said:

“All these are social media stories and I don’t want to disrespect my child. If it is the fights, let him talk, let him answer all those questions, and so on.”

“I will not say a thing. He will respond online. Myself, I will not say anything. Definitely, he is disrespecting my child. She is growing up and all these things, she will read them online.”

She says Mulamwah ought to put his egos aside and concentrate on parenting their daughter.

“Time will tell and they should not expect any back and forth. Keilah is my first priority. Whatever is said online, let it be out but even as they speak, let them remember that there is a child that connects us. If you have your pride, please put it aside for the sake of this child. I am concentrating on the child. She is innocent to be involved in all this drama.”

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