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SOS: Prayers called in US as unprecedented number of deaths among Kenyans reported [VIDEO]



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ-Friends in Diaspora:

When? Sunday February 21, 2021
Time: 8:30 PM EST
We are calling for all in Diaspora to stand against rapid PREMATURE DEATHS. Our loved ones are dying in US and in Kenya at an unnecessary rapid speed.

Others are made Cash Cows by Medical Practices in Kenya. They are Kept in ICU for weeks and weeks only to demand from families Millions and Millions of Shillings when they are deceased. Something has to change. This practice has to be interrupted.


Let us do what we know What to do. PRAY TOGETHER

“God has not been known to do anything except when men pray.”~ John Wesley. Prayer changes everything, but our minds have to be changed too.. First Prayer changes the people who Pray. Then THEY can send the word…

We will pray for strength, for healing, for grace and mercy for all the bereaved families who are hurting.

Yes there is a time to be born and there is a time to die. But we can also PRAY AGAINST what we see as not Normal. If we just accept things to contInue as they are, we will continue to bury healthy people weekly. It is not an age thing. The Churches and the community will work for $$ for Bailing People out of Jail, Burying People, Medical Bills in Kenya, India, US & Rehabilitation. But it does not need to be so.

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Already Mental Health issues have taken center stage. If we do not act now and PRAY, things can go from bad to worse. But we can stand in the GAP.

The richest men and women here will not be able to give enough to meet all the needs and requests going on. What took One day to give and meet the need, will take weeks and months. So, now the newly arrived, the jobless, the middle class, and the rich all have to be helped. No one will ever have enough funds to help themselves…No one has medical insurance, disability income, No kne admits having a Benovelent Fund, NHIF…Life Insurance…all are asking the same. There is nothing wrong with Giving…am just calling for CORPORATE PRAYER.

Let us ask God to come & intervene for us. Let the Holy Spirit do battle for all of us. AND CRY Lord in your rath remember mercy for us your people.

Even resting for 1, 2, 3 months when no one dies in yours and mine – Zip Codes- That will be a welcome victory. That’s how we pray here for the neighborhood too.

We are not under any curse, we have just accepted things as a given. Whatever will be will be is not God’s will. That is being fatalistic. We can petition and contend for the living. God is a God of the living and we are alive Today.

We are people of destiny. We have a covenant with our Heavenly Father. When we see things deteriorating, in the day of trouble we are to raise a cry through prayers of petition and supplication to the God of our Salvation and He will take over the battle.

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I challenge the believers in this forum. Starting with me. If we pray for these things the way we prayed for US Politice State2State and Kenya County to County…We will see victory in the name of Jesus.

Also On February 21 we will declare the start of Praying for Kenya Elections 2022. Praying with Matthew 6:6-13…Our Father…Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done…

Jesus Christ is the High Priest of our covenant. He is without human weaknesses of other priests (Hebrews 7:26-28). Let us come together and with confidence call upon His name. Rev Mrs. Wambui Njoroge/PUSSH Prayer Ministry, USA-2009 & Founding Member of Kenya International Day of Prayer-February 2010✝️
Monday February 15, 2021.
✅Watch here for Invitation FOR CORPORATE PRAYERS.
✅In the meantime Pray with Matthew 6:6.


Please Save the Date of Sunday February 21 at 8:30 PM EST. 7:30 PM CST.
6:30 Mt. & 5:30 PM Pacific
4:30 AM Kenya Time.


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