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Speaker Muturi tells Uhuru off as he rules out any coalition possibility ahead of poll



For the first time since he declared he was running for president, Kenya National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of political promiscuity, questioning the decision of the Jubilee leader to back Raila Odinga, an opposition leader, for the top job in the August poll.

Muturi said this on Sunday during the party’s NDC, where he was endorsed to fly the party’s flag in the upcoming General Election.

“Show me anywhere in the world in a functional democracy where a sitting government decides to join forces with the opposition to form another government with complete disregard to their own?” Mr Muturi posed, while addressing delegates at the DP’s National Delegates Conference (NDC) at Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi.

This  comes as the Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) ruled out entering into any pre-election pact with any party ahead of the August 9 elections.

“These are the political bad manners that I am talking about. We must stand for something and not just the pursuit of power,” said Mr Muturi.

The party also accused President Kenyatta of betrayal, saying he had refused to honour a 2017 pact with the party as well as his move to back Opposition boss Raila Odinga for the presidency in the August elections.

“We as DP shall not enter into any pre-election pact with any party but consider post-election deal when the right time comes. We have also unanimously endorsed Justin Muturi to be our flag bearer in the forthcoming elections,” resolved the party.

Mr Muturi also alleged that he had been approached by the two leading coalitions dangling a position in government but declined the overtures.

“I was told to choose the lesser of the two evils to get a position in government, but I said no because  DP  stands for different ideals,” said Mr Muturi.

The outgoing party leader Joseph Munyao accused Jubilee Party for betrayal by not honouring their 2017 pact.

“In the 2017, we held our NDC, where we publicly supported the Jubilee flag bearer for Presidency. In return for our support, Jubilee promised to engage our party in government programs. Today, almost five years later, I am sad to report to you that the support we gave to that party has never been reciprocated,” said Mr Munyao.

This, he said, was after Jubilee promised to engage the party in government programmes once they ascend to power.

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