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Terence apologises for video where he was eating behind the wheel



By Judith Gicobi

Terence Creative, a comedian and content creator, has expressed regret for the viral video in which he was seen snacking while driving.

Terence was seen jamming to Ali Kiba’s song “Usiniseme” while holding a plate of food in his left hand in the video, which has since been taken down.

His fans urged him to stop by the side of the road and finish eating before continuing on his journey because they were not pleased at all with the stunt.

Many also warned him that his reckless actions were endangering the lives of others inside the car. A few hours later, Terence deleted the post, expressed regret for his conduct, and pledged to promote safe driving.

“Following my previous post that I had shared of me EATING & DRIVING, I wish to ask for your apology and ask you not to emulate this behavior as it may put you to danger and risk the life of the people on board.”

“My apologies for that and keep safe…I promise to be an ambassador and advocate of safe driving as indicated by the laws of Kenya and those of NTSA,” he wrote in part.

The father of three further confirmed that nobody was hurt and that there were no minors on board at the time the video was taken.

“I wish to clarify no minors were on board during this shooting [sic]…we were in a snarl-up driving at 30kpm, however, this doesn’t justify my act. Once again I apologise for that stunt,” he wrote.