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Terence Creative explains why he does not have a degree



By Judith Gicobi

Popular Kenyan comedian Terence Creative has revealed he did not finish college and lacks a degree from a four-year institution. The comedian explained to his followers on social media that he decided to pursue his dream of comedy over his academic goals.

The social media star, who was a student at Mount Kenya University, claims that he dropped everything, including his education, to follow his ambition of being a comic after receiving a call from the Churchill show’s team inviting him to join them.

“My degree story. How I became a joker!! I was in Mount Kenya University (MKU). Just when I joined my second year they called me from Churchill show requesting me to go and pursue comedy. Since then nimekuwa nikifanya jokes,” he wrote.

Terence was fortunate that everything turned out well because his profession in comedy and content development swiftly expanded.

Terence’s life was not a stroll in the park as he was growing up. Terence previously admitted in an interview that he had to live on the streets since his grandparents couldn’t support him and his other brothers when his parents passed away.

“My parents died when I was nine years old, and the same year, I started smoking. I became a street kid for seven years and at that age, I started using drugs. I was a chokoraa but at least I knew how to speak English.”

The comedian was taken to Mully Children’s home after being taken off the streets and given refuge, education, and love.

In March, the social media influencer encouraged his followers in honor of his four years since quitting smoking.

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“I have not smoked for four years. It is exactly four years 25 days since I quit tobacco. I feel happy that I get to encourage more youths in the war against tobacco,” he wrote in part.

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