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Tharaka Nithi: Governor dresses like old man to inspect county hospital



On Thursday, October 21, Tharaka Nithi governor Muthomi Njuki made an impromptu visit to the county’s Level 5 hospital to inspect operations and how services are delivered.

Governor Muthomi Njuki witnessed laxity at the Tharaka Nithi Level 5 hospital.
Governor Muthomi Njuki showed up at the Tharaka Nithi Level 5 Hospital while dressed like an old man. Photo: Gerald Bitok.
Source: Facebook

Just to have the first-hand experience of how locals are served at the facility, the county boss showed up while disguised in regalia synonymous with some elderly village man

He is said to have found desperate patients waiting in a long queue as staffers showed no urgency.

One of them, a security guard, is seen busy on her phone while on duty.

Njuki himself waited for a few hours before he could be served.

The governor promised to mend how services are delivered at the facility after witnessing the laxity depicted by the staffers.

Muthomi was lauded for the effort he showed in smooth lining the delivery of services at the county facility.

“This is very good at least he is not waiting to get information from the SYCOPHANTS who always cheat governors that everything is okay… Kudos Muthomi Njuki,” said Lawrence Kariuki.

Dilapidated facility

However, even as the governor manifested his commitment to ensuring smooth service delivery to the patients seeking services at the hospital, his administration was called out for neglecting the hospital.

As seen in the viral photos, the facility appears to be in a bad state, a section of Kenyans urging him to renovate it before embarking on inspecting staffers.


@Mwalimu Njiru:

“The hospital already looks so dilapidated…shows that he has failed somehow in his task…So continue…What happened eventually? Did he catch someone?”

@Charles Mwangi:

“He should be ashamed of himself in the first place, the place looks horrible and dilapidated from the onset!”

@Bittok Kisorio:

“If this is a level 5 hospital then kumbe huku Nandi tabu tuko nayo ni kidogo sana. Aalah!”

@Kungu Mbogo:

“The Hospital itself looks like Level 0.”

@Obadiah Tanui:

“Before doing this build good hospitals equip well and then employ enough personnel and the hospital will run well.”

@Amose Kipp:

“Undercover to a public hospital with no drugs, rundown facilities and demotivated staff…What will it help??”

Source: Tuko News

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