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The late former Juja MP George Thuo was worried about ICC case before death, court told



Former Juja MP George Thuo collapsed in a Thika restaurant, but the establishment’s owner has denied any involvement in his demise.

Thuo was a worried man, Paul Wainaina told trial judge Roselyn Korir.

He was concerned about the International Criminal Court (ICC) charges in which former president Uhuru Kenyatta had been charged with 1200 fatal post-election ethnic violence in 2007–2008.

Thuo reportedly told Wainaina that he “didn’t know what was going to happen after the cases were completed,” according to Wainaina. The businessman made no more mention of the conversation’s specifics.

Although he suggested that Thuo would be a major witness for former President Uhuru, he claimed that Thuo did not like to go into great detail about the matter. Thuo joined the ranks of the ICC’s insiders.

Judge Korir last week appointed Wanaina alias Sheki, Christopher Lumbazio, Andrew Karanja, Samuel Kuria Ngugi, Esther Ndinda Mulinge, and Ruth Watahi Irungu as the defendants in the murder of Thuo.

The prosecution called 30 witnesses to testify against them, and the court determined that they have a case to answer.

On Tuesday, Wanaina was the first to defend himself, claiming that he and Thuo had been close friends since they were young and that he had no reason to poison him.

He claimed that Thuo went to Thika’s Porkies Restaurant on the crucial day. Around 7.30 p.m., he called Wanaina to invite her to watch Formula 1. At roughly 8:45 p.m., they met. But before moving on, Thuo had stopped somewhere else and had a drink.

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There are preparations being made to have a witness from the undisclosed location that Thuo visited appear and testify on the defense’s behalf.Thuo, Wanaina, and some of the other defendants gathered at a table at Porkies and started discussing Formula 1.

The MP at the time had no unique seating arrangements. Thuo was drinking a Heineken beer while Wanaina was sipping coffee.

Thuo began to feel heated, though, after fifteen minutes. He inquired as to whether the others shared his sentiments, but they did not.

Then, he advised Wanaina to take off his vest for the greatest results. He was wearing a light shirt, a pair of pants, and the vest underneath.

Thuo was guided by Wanaina to his office, where he was able to take off the vest and carry it to his vehicle. Wanaina was seated at the kitchen counter the entire time.

When Thuo brought the vest to his car, he was by himself. He returned, and their discussion on Formula 1 continued.

Thuo collapsed ten minutes later.

Thuo was poisoned, according to physicians who have testified in the case, and died as a result of profuse bleeding.

A sentimental Wanaina struggled to maintain his composure as he described the final moments he spent with his companion. Wanaina took involved in Thuo’s political campaigns and marriage negotiations.

But Thuo would later separate from his wife before the incident happened.

When asked if he was aware of any significant problems the two were experiencing, Wanaina responded that he had been unable to obtain the Safaricom call records that would have allowed him to shed light on some parts of the case

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On the evening of November 17, 2013, Thuo passed away.

The poisonous substance that was added with his drink, according to detectives, was the cause of death.

There are six suspects in court for the murder, including some of Thuo’s close acquaintances.

They are currently in the phase of self-defense

The case resumes on Wednesday.


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