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The many deaths in my family



Ruth Matete, a celebrated performer, has discussed in detail how she, her mother, and her father all lost their husbands.

Matete spoke about her late mother’s terrible marriage to an abusive guy who also happened to be her stepfather in a post on her Instagram account.

She said: “My mother died when I was 8 years old. My stepfather beat her so badly and she was taken to the hospital because of the injuries. I was still living with her and my stepfather. So when she realized that she may not make it out alive, she called my father and asked him to come get me.”

Matete, a winner of the fifth season of Tusker Project Fame (TPF), also disclosed that she was born out of wedlock and that she spent most of her childhood with her mother.

“My dad came and took me with him to the city. This is where I have been since then. My mother later died a few months after I came to Nairobi. My father was married to another woman here in Nairobi who also later died. (My parents both got married to different people),” she said.

She said that John Apewajoye, the father of her daughter, also passed away two years ago.

She went to recount her late husband’s final moments, who died from burns after a gas cylinder exploded at their home. Less than a week before the terrible accident, the couple—who had only been married for four months—found out they were expecting a child.

“While in the ambulance after the accident, he told me he wasn’t gonna make it. I thought it was just fear. So I kept encouraging him that he would be fine. He told me all he wanted me to do (I felt like it was those Afro cinema movies). He gave me the name of the baby regardless of the gender. Toluwa is a unisex name. Gave me a message for his sister and brother as well,” she recounted.

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“God gave him two weeks. In those two weeks, each time I went to visit him, he would ask me ‘Oh! Am still here?’ It’s like he waited for death. I felt like he didn’t fight to live. But anyway, I will never know fully,” she said.


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