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DP Gachagua fiercely criticises the media



Hours after Kenya’s Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua bittery complained about one of the leading newspapers in the country the online edition of the same publication experienced a temporary outage, returning a ‘500’ error.

In a wide-ranging interview with several journalists at his Karen home, Gachagua complained about the media, singling out The Standard and Citizen TV whom he acxcused of being openly biased.

“The media should also be held to account as well. The Standard ranm a story saying that Gachagua and his wife demanded Shs 1.5 Billion which is a lie” he said in answer to a question on what he meant when he recently said that “wataona huko mbele.”

Gachagua also complained that during the presidential campaigns, the media had ganged up against him and the then Deputy President William Ruto.

The outage caught many around the world by surprise.

“It could be coincidence but the coincidence is uncanny,” said a Kenyan who did not wish to be named.

During the media roundtable on Sunday, Gachagua also said he is not bitter

He however said Kenyans have every right to describe him however they want, but one thing he knows is that he is a truthful ma

“Kenyans have every right to describe my character. I speak from my heart I say what is in my heart. I’m a truthful man,” the DP said.

He noted that Kenyans are not used to the truth.

Gachagua also said that he welcomes criticism from all quotas, but will never change who he is.

The DP said he knows the people that matter to him and his leadership.

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“I accept and welcome criticism from media and social media… I will never change who I am… I know who matters to me and my leadership is the Kenyan.”

He added the Ruto administration is also not bitter with anyone.

“We are not bitter with anybody,” Gachagua said.

Gachagua says he will not change how he speaks.

During a joint interview with television stations in the country, Rigathi was faced with a question regarding how he addresses the public from one of the journalists.

“To some they say you appear to be always in a combative mode. Some say at any opportunity with the microphone you lecture Kenyans. Is the truthful man a bitter man?”

The DP said he will not change how he speaks.

“Kenyans just like I said have a right to say what they want. This is democracy. Kenyans have every right to describe my character. I am a person and you should have known me by now.

I speak from my heart; I say what is in my heart. I am a truthful man, I am an honest man. Kenyans are not used to honesty and many people have a problem with that,” said Mr Gachagua.

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