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‘This one hit me harder,’ Ken Mijungu in mourning



KTN News anchor Ken Mijungu is mourning the death of his younger sister.

Taking to social media, Ken Mijungu said her passing away has hit him harder than that of their late dad.

The news anchor also revealed the name he liked to call her and went on to ask where one goes, when they suddenly die.

Check out the post;

This one hit me harder than my dads death! I called her Jaber inside, she is no more. When your baby sisters leaves so sudden, where do they go? 😭😭

Check out the condolences messages from fans;

jackyvike; I’m so sorry for your loss Ken❤️❤️

mcatricky; Ooooh so sorry my brother, so sad manze. 😢 condolences 🙏🏻

celestinegachuhi; 😢😢😢my sincere condolences to you and your family.

amina_mude; Poleni sana kaka @kenmijungu may her soul rest in peace.

izareeh; I am so sooorry Mijungu….May God grant you peace during this time❤️


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