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Tiktoker Frank defends Belgian wife, says Kenyan wife not worried



By Wanja Waweru

Tiktoker According to Frank Vermeulen, also known as Frank De Tank, he has two wives, one in Kenya and the other in Belgium.

His Belgian girlfriend Rahma revealed this information by sharing an engagement ring on social media.

Frank said he is not having an affair or cheating on his Kenyan wife, Murugi. Later this month, he traveled to Belgium to spend time with his fiance.

Setting the record straight, in a TikTok video, Frank explained, “I made this video to make some things clear… I traveled from Kenya, and I’m now back in Belgium. While I’m back in Belgium, I want to spend some time with my wife, Rahma. She’s here also with my kids.

I have been in Kenya since November 30, 2022. So again, for three months, I spent all my time with Murugi.”

Frank, a citizen of Belgium, insisted that his choice was a responsible one because it allowed him to spend more time with his children.

He continued by saying that Murugi had no reason to be unhappy with their relationship because he provided her with everything she required, including a wonderful home and automobile.

He continued, “You think Rahma likes that? Do you think my kids like that? I’m always in Kenya. That’s the reason. Now I’m here. And I will stay here in Belgium for sure, for three months to spend with Rahma, to spend with my kids.

As a responsible man and father, I think Rahma and my kids are unhappy and have reason to complain. They always see me in [Instagram] stories. Together with Murugi, we are having fun, and they are just on the site.”

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Frank’s video sparked mixed reactions from online users, with some supporting him and others criticizing his actions. Some accused him of abandoning his wife and children in Kenya, while others asked him to resolve the issue with Murugi amicably.

In his official statement, he concluded that his Kenyan wife knows about Rahma and she “has no reason to complain. Because I’m always in Kenya with her. I give her everything, a nice house, a nice car. She has everything. She has no reason to complain. The ones who have reasons to complain are Rahma and my kids. And that’s why I’m now here.”

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